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there was crazy thread all about it on 8bc.
if i remember correctly he was meant to be releasing it on crunchyco as a short ep called d-pad (the one that is on crunchyco now) and another full album with a different title.
then he decided to leave crunchy co and release it all as d-pad without telling anyone at crunchyco about his plans to do so. in the thread which he released it he said he felt as though he had little freedom releasing through crunchyco. he said he had no intentions to sell it and he basicly just bad mouthed the whole crunchyco team.
someone from crunchyco saw the thread on 8bc and replied.
next morning all spamtrons posts had been edited and he said that the album and ep would be released through crunchyco as originally planned.
i believe the official story is that the D-PAD album is an early leak of the album and ep with track titles differing to those that will be on the final releases.

or something along those lines anyways.

akira^8GB wrote:

And my best tip: make music that is good tongue Production is just a detail.

best tip ever. I think this is where i have been going wrong.

goatslacker wrote:

Lately what I've been doing is making a sound at the beginning of a track in every channel, and at the end of a track.

Later on after I've recorded each channel separately and am arranging them, I just gotta line up both sounds and the whole track should be in sync.

this is what i usually do.

it depends on the song. depends what it needs or what i think will work best.
i will often record each channel seperately if i'm using lsdj. drum hits are usually recorded seperately. i usually layer or replace the gameboy drum sounds with drum samples.
eq and sometimes filters on most channels. eq on the master channel too (and i've been putting a bit of compression on the master recently as well.)
effects where neccesary.
faff about till satisfied.


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ummm, the checkout bit in the 8bp store doesn't have an option for my card type... (maestro) hmm
is there a way i can do this with paypal or google checkout or something?


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i've been doing lots of production work on most of the stuff i've been making for the past few months. it's alot of work and generally takes more time than the actual composing ...and it still ends up sucking wink i still have alot to learn.
and as lowgain said, by the time you're done you're kinda sick of your own songs haha.


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hello everybody. smile