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kitsch wrote:
the rules wrote:

12. Thread titles should describe the topic of the thread. Please avoid titles like "Help!" or "Have you seen this...". Something like "How can I do a beefy bassdrum with Midines?" or "I just saw a chip music reference at the bus stop" is good. Staff reserves the right to edit unclear thread titles to something more descriptive.

you can change the title by editing the first post wink  i'll let you handle editing it unless you want me to...  'me' doesn't quite do it...

and, thanks for posting and introducing yourself!

oh ok i didnt look at the rules yet, ill check em now. and if u want to u can edit it, thanks broski big_smile


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Hia Everyone, im just starting to get into chiptune music and creating songs, here are my first 2 and more to come.


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XhNJNqtp … ure=relmfu

my youtube is Bobflannery103