<333 LOVE IT ALL <333 thanks for including us oh and can we do Petshop Boys next?!?! smile

Thanks so much guys! Also we're on the upcoming Devo comp with a lot of other chip people that are way more pro than us smile

Hey Guys,
Our first release "Floating High" is on bandcamp for "pay what you like" smile
All tracks done with Commodore64, Casio CZ1000 and TR-707.
Thanks for checking it out smile


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hey guys,
been having so much fun at blip that i think it inspired us to finish up this song today smile
commodore64, casio and a 707.

thanks for the listen and feedback (on this or others on our soundcloud)!


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pretty much favorite google ever smile

hey guys,
posting our second track here in CC because we are really new to this. also still not sure if the "music" section of the site is more for stuff that's done only with gameboy or NES, etc. and ours is mix. we use commodore64, casio (for chords) and a 707.
anyway... hope some of you take a listen and let us know what you think smile



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update: love your track on soundcloud stevens!


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Thanks Stevens! I wasn't sure if it was cool to post a track that isn't 100% chip to the music section and i did want some feedback too. Thanks for listening and yeah there's a lot of 90s influence going on. I've heard Touchboy and like his stuff very much. I'll check out yours too!

nice! will look for you at blip.

hi peeps!
we've admired chipmusic for a long time and have our first track up now.
i guess it's not 100% chip because we use other instruments too but the commodore64 is essential and in all of our tracks.
this is pretty much our line up on all tracks:
commodore64 - bass, leads, sounds
casio cz1000 - chords
tr-707 - drums.

first song is called "surf avenue": http://soundcloud.com/sea64/surf-avenue

more to come soon. oh we live in brooklyn - see you at blipfestival!