Has anyone figured out the user macro storage? Try as I may, I cannot seem to store anything.



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Any way to purchase the .apk without having to go through G*ogle?

You had me at FM presets. GenMDM is great, but sending a lengthy string CCs before a patch change is hardly ideal. Would your concept mitigate this?


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n00bstar wrote:

1)press play
2) try not to look like an idiot.

...and yet a majority of us fuck up #2.

Enough with the gratitude. Can someone order that newer nes midi cart and report back on it's usage already?


Wow this place is dead. For the two of you who still visit, these are shipping now and will likely sell out completely by the end of next month:

https://doormouse.bandcamp.com/album/mi … -wrestlers

I feel like this is something I've been wanting for years, but when I stop and think about it, what is the actual benefit opposed to just syncing a DMG to a DAW? A high res display? Am I old?

Just mangle the samples with the goal of making it crash. Report your success.


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Any plan to make the .apk available to those outside of Google's death grip? It looks great, and I'd love to purchase, but Google is adamantly blocked on my devices.

The Rap Kid

Never turn up. Turn down.

I have yet to RTFM, but are the MIDINES sample channel offset commands still in place?


Just looked at the manual 0_o

Looks like wavetable mode is there, assuming that's the same as wave traveler...

Hell yeah!

Download codes for you cheapskates:


Redeem at http://downloads.radiograffiti.org

https://doormouse.bandcamp.com/album/mi … -wrestlers

What do know about our high-level flex? What do you know about Ric Flair fakebit? Vinyl is moving faster than expected.

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