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Hopefully more chances for beginners to get some live show expirence.


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-breaks every computer
-knows how to make rag tag repairs so computer can work.

Since this was bumped, he is going under the name BLKVSN. This guy was my early mentor so i have a lot of love for him.

Personally to me it doesnt matter, just make cool stuff.

Dolby-Z wrote:

Im having a problem running it this on Visual Boy. The pattern playback is so slow its not usable, like there is a solid 30 seconds in between steps on the sequencer with the tempo set at 240 bpm. Is there a setting in the emulator that can solve this?

I dont remember what specific setting it is, but you can adjust the speed of the game and there may be a hot key configuration you hit that changed it to that.

Or it could be a bug.


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Is she down to chip?

I've allways wondered this

Dire Hit wrote:

This is all happening very fast.

Nice work

LSDJ, with more chanels + chains+phrases with linking up to lsdjx4

First off, this is a great track and it's obvious you know what your doing.
I could really hear your "roots" in the song. Roots as in your previous time with FT2 and so on. It seemed atari st-ish to me.
It's hard for me to give any CC because to me the song already sounds superb, but Im sure you hear millions of microscopic things that you need to fix.
Bottom line: Good track keep it up.

I figured out how to fix it lol

I've searched for a solution and have yet to find one, if I missed it, awesome link me up please.
I have a windows 7, 32 bit operating system. I installed the GB usb software from the disk, but when I connect my smartcard to my laptop via usb cable, my computer can't connect the card.
Need help, please... Been a long time since I backed up.

I have a hundred + projects


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Give me a hug :'0

1. I listen to an 8 hour loop of just the "brk" sample until i go into euphoria.
2. I don't remember I usually just black out and wake up at waffle house. day repeats.