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Sorry for necrothreading but I have a question ! The buttons are set on A and B (it's it so normal that it is weird af on piggy lol)
I never changed ever changed controls in the config....is there a way to change that in the pocketgo and if not how do we set this up in the config.xml ?!
Edit: Nevermind found it and I don't know if there is a mistake on the LGPT mapping page or if the pocketgo pull a Nintendo move on the dingoo config but the controls are inverse (like if dingoo buttons was setup like a xbox controller and Pocketgo as a Nintendo controller) so on the Mapping webpage A will be B (and B will be A Obviously) and Y will be X.
If you want to have the good old Piggy mapping settings(Square and Triangle) just copy this in your config.xml file ! smile
<KEY_A value="key:0:left shift" />
<KEY_B value="key:0:space" />


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In all honesty I'm beginning to try an hybrid setup with a tracker and a sequencer !
Electribe Sampler all MIDI synced with MaxYMiser 1.34 and it works like a charm ! smile


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Ahhh come on Tanner !
I know yo are a Nanoloop kind of guy and yo're a good friend but fuck you with this thread homie ! XD


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TetrisEffect wrote:

I miss ant1


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e.s.c. wrote:
XyNo wrote:

8STATIC in Philly

i'm fairly certain 8static is done

ahh yeah I think Pocaille talked to me about that at our last gig together last august. Well like I said in my comments that kind of fest will still run but it will be another team of chip passionates in another city (probably!)


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I think (for the general audience) that it was a just craze back then when some of us said "Hey I make music with a gameboy and shit !" and people got curious and love the sound of it because it was the sound of their younger days !
10 years later you say you make music with a gameboy most people will just reply with What the fff is a gameboy ?!
Another point is most magazines and news websites that have some similar interests (electronic music, computer,videogames, etc.) already had their big CHIPTUNE IS COOL article years ago so they don't have to do it again...
IMO I think the love for chipmusic is a little more like the demoscene these years. A little more obscure but still rocking it like crazy, but you know the people around you in an event are people who loves chiptune from the bottom of their heart !!!
The main chip events of the year are not at the same places as before too. Blipfest is no more, but check out 8STATIC in Philly you will see that chiplove is still there dude ! smile


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THIS !!!
This is totally what I had in mind about the perfect Atari ST chiptune album !
This release plays on repeat in my headphones for like 3 days now !


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BLEO wrote:

Sick! That's great to hear! Guess I'll keep my eyes open for a cheap Vita!

Hell yeah and PS Shell finally found the way to transfer files with the USB cable instead of wifi/ftp I think I would have rage if I had to transfer something like 5gb of samples via wifi lol !


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Reviving this old thread to say that once you hack your vita it is really simple...Adrenaline 6.61 is a software that gives you a full pledge PSP in your vita and it is easy to install ! My vita is now my main piggy device !

.exe wrote:

XyNo good to see you still around

Chipmusic has been a big part of my life and I'm glad this community is still a thing

Oh SHiiiiiiii .exe !!!
I'm really surprised and happy to see you're still into it my man ! smile

Didn't have the time these days (I am living my first vacancy in like 3 years of work this week) to check and to listen who's rocking the scene nowadays but I totally love how old and new sceners totally push the boundaries of hardware and software to create stuff that we all thought was "impossible to do" 5-10 years ago !
From MIDINES to Deflemask mobile with backlight gameboys and usb carts in between, I always was mindblown'd by the tricks and ideas some of us have in their sleeves !
The only thing I missed are the netlabels. Yeah I know bandcamp made things easier to share our music to people but it is harder at the same times. It's like if it was more a "chacun pour soi" thing than a community that these labels were doing back in the days...but hey who am I to talkshit ? I'm just an old fart lol
I experienced a loooong writer's block for some years but I finally have the ideas and some tracks to finally released something new after nearly 4 years ! smile
I got hooked for the sounds, stayed for the techniques ! smile
Chipmusic gets all my love, keep on chippin' peeps ! smile

Hey ui ! Been a while my friend !!!
Really glad you still doing your arts dude.

If you need an artwork logo or anything, ui is your guy for the job people ! Really talented, totally knows how to do this with style and skills. He did my logo and did some flyers for some of our gigs with the Toy Company !


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Bought it yesterday ! Still got some app breaking bug (and no backup save) but totally awesome to be able to use something like Deflemask on a gig without a laptop !


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Not online yet sad
What up with that my friend ?

Looks like the tracker Aliceffekt did 1 or 2 years ago !
Edit: Just saw the patreon page and it is indeed what I was talking about ! smile


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Started doing it like a week ago because I got a sweet android controller with a phone bracket on it !
PPSSPP works A1 on my S9, got a lot of tweaking (but it was more to run big games like crisis core, LGPT works #1 with stock setting on my phone) but everything is stable now and it is really easy to transfer sample on it compared to my pspgo that I always lose hTotally my way to piggy now ! smile