I'm up for anything!, DM on twitter with your project!

Hey guys!

I'm doing a NFT Collectible Cards in pixel art using the TEZOS network.

Check the first card here … Tr8bTGzs/0

Hey! I hope everything is going great for you guys

I have been working in a collection of 1/1 Unique characters made pixel by pixel on OpenSea
If you enjoy my art and want to support, check it out

Starting at 0.005 ETH -

Kind of NECROBUMP, here is a NFT project I'm working on!

You guys can support me there!


Last month our aunt was tested positive for COVID-19. It was a sentimental and financial rollercoaster. Thank to the help of our family members, friends and acquaintances we got through this.

This pack of images, graphic patterns and wallpapers is our way to thank all the support. Hope it's useful. Cheers!

Download  ⤵️⤵️⤵️

My aunt is much better, she has a long way to fully recovery but she is FINE.
I will share in few days a thanx letter with some free content for everyone who help us!

for now... THANK YOU SO MUCH, you guys ROCK!
Love you all!, all n00bz

A small update, my aunt/godmother is getting better, it has been a really mentally stressful ride but she is healing. I'm really grateful and moved by all the support i have received thru this ride. We hope this end soon. Love you guys!, you are the best!.

My aunt is doing better everyday, but she is still in the way to recovery. This situation has been a nightmare and really stressful, i hope we can get out of this soon!, Thank you everyone for the love, support, comments, likes, sharing and more!. I am really moved by all this, you guys are the best! eternal love to the CHIPMUSIC COMMUNITY!!!

OMG guys! you are all the best!, i have tiers in my eyes for real, really thank you for all the donations and support!

It don't matter if you can't donate, you can still help me out by sharing it!

thank you again guys for all the support and love
Greetings from this NOOB!... hehe love you all

Hi guys,
I haven't been to active in the community in the past years, but i have good memories when it comes to kindness and goodness.

My aunt Mary has survived a breast cancer and a kidney cancer. Now she tested positive for COVID-19.
As you know, taking care of someone in Venezuela gets harder everyday. That’s why we need your help. If anyone can collaborate, here’s the way to do it:


ZELLE -  Daniel Garrido - [email protected]


Also, you can help a lot by sharing this. Thanks in advance!

Hi guys,

A good friend of mine is doing a blind-accessible audio game, he is right know starting a Kickstarter to complete the project so he need some help, you could share it, talk about it or pledge, any help is appreciate.

If you guys know anyone in the industry who could also help him to reach more people, would be awesome!

Check the Kickstarter campaign

And here is the website with all the information

Thank you guys!

Hey guys! i created this, hit me up there if you need anything like this big_smile

Thank you guys for always supporting me! heart

XyNo wrote:

Hey ui ! Been a while my friend !!!
Really glad you still doing your arts dude.

If you need an artwork logo or anything, ui is your guy for the job people ! Really talented, totally knows how to do this with style and skills. He did my logo and did some flyers for some of our gigs with the Toy Company !

I forgot to answer!, thaaaank you XyNo!!!!

BTW guys i'm still UP for any art, i have been doing non-pixel art, if you find anything you would like for your cover art
check it here:

Commissions open


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Me quito el sombrero!, grande!!!!!