I am repairing my vintage amplifier "Pioneer A-6". In the datasheet, there are 12000uF 56V e-caps for the output stage.
I searched everywhere but can't find the right ones. I don't want to assemble poor quality e-caps, so I'm searching for Nichicon or likewise quality.
Does anyone know where to purchase those excluded Japan and China?

Telerophon wrote:

As for the ".de domain in english" being a convention, you could always render the site in german and english, and put the english site on a subdomain or a different TLD, such as "en.whatweplay.de" or "whatweplay.de/en/"

Thats an awesome idea, didn't thought about that yet!
Mhhh, i must figure out, how to do so with Wordpress...


anything else?


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seems like here are plenty of shop owners...

I translated my website from german into english, cause lots of people asked me to do that.

now I got a problem. most german people argue about putting a .de domain into english isn't just the best thing...whatever *fuckoff*

I need some people with good gramatical and language skills to read my page and give me feedback, what i have to correct, cause my english is good, but not that good it seems.

Please help me out with that and report back here!

The site is www.whatweplay.de

keep in mind: constructive critisism, not "fuck what a shitty site, lmao" vise versa


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hi fellows,

i just wanted to mod one my many DMG-01 but have a weird issue with the screen.
The DMG was never opened before and has horizontal lines appearing and disappearing, like there is an electrical interference.
I opened it to install a backlight and looked at the ribbon cables, all in good shape. I switched the caps out on the front pcb, but hasn't changed anything.

Has anyone had such an issue before and knows how to deal with it?
Remember, it isn't the normal horizontal line issue, cause i can set the screen contrast to black and there aren't any lines appearing, only interference lines on normal contrast, like the the herz lines on an old tv sceen.


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are you searching for already modded or are you also in diy?
cause i have some pcbs left over

i did my V3 Triple without cutting anything and soldered it to the elko at the bottom of the screen on the front pcb!

check the lines above the screen header, check for bad solderjoints or bridges between them

those colors are beautiful


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pixel porn FTW


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its nonfinite, not nonelectronics...

mhhh where can i sell modded DMGs for good money?
on ebay not, thats a fact, people want give the money that had been flown into this mods!


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well I mean the "germany built" ones, with case seal.
why much DMGs or money?
They sell here for about 20€ in a set sometimes.
I don't want a quality grade A, can be a yellowed one, as i will paint it through modding.
I will built me a synthezier to use with mssiah smile


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so as i mod a lot of stuff, it be cheaper for me to get those caps in a set of hundert, instead of buying those kits...cause 1 cap is expensive and more will get cheaper.

so, it isn't a difference putting paperfoil, oil or alu caps in there? only durability maybe?

You said something about the voltage doubler, where exactly are they placed?

What about the resistors, would you prefer chaning them too?