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2 Dubmood and those who did not understand what I wrote earlier.

My mistake was too lazy to study for licensing on archive.org. And anyway, I never thought about it. Otherwise, I do not consider myself guilty. I did not think that I may have difficulty in demoscene and 8-bit society.
And I wrote a track title as indicated here:


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Zomvor wrote:
dubmood wrote:

I am sorry but I don't understand your message :S
What you did was to release my music under a CC license, which gives people like Slate TV the right to use it for commercial purposes, that is not the same as pirating it, that is 100 times worse. If you didn't understand what CC was then I can't blame you but let this be a lesson to you, and everyone else, that it is not cool to take peoples work and put it out under CC against their will. I never meant to be offensive against you and I don't think I have?

He does not want to understand. He, knows the acknowledges the error, but does not care. Big ups to dubmood glad your frequencies were shared through this whole thing

я же тебе крайне точно указал вектор движения.
сходил? как там кстати?


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Zomvor wrote:

ну судя по мастерству фотожопинга и попугайству, залуп больших ты еще точно не видел smile


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Zomvor wrote:

^хаха! ty shutish
vy govorite yerundy

сходи-ка ты нахуй, дружок wink


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dubmood wrote:

Ok they just got back to me and it is in fact a fuckup by porno uzi. They took the song from http://archive.org/details/Commodore64Mix since used it for free since that mix is released under CC. Now, I have never agreed to that _any_ of our material to be released under CC, and on top of that the song is misslabeled (given the name from a c64 demo it appeard in, not its actual title)

So, thanks to porno-uzi releasing our material under CC against our knowledge and will, the misslabeleing and on top of that the ignorance from Slate to not read/understand that it was a mix with music from other artists than porno-uzi, we have got us a situation here.

Original title? I called Zabutom's cover on your track as it is called in info text of HVSC's SID module. Claims me about CC is possible and reasonable, but as I understand, this version of the CC proves my rejection of copyright, as it is not my music. All of my mixes and original tracks on archive.org mentioned under that kind of license. Apparently I just did not understand the differences in these licenses.
What do I think about all this ... I think that's enough to engage in this nonsense, this is ridiculous. You made me into a pirate, and I just simply wanted to show people the music.
And to me, a musician named Dubmood now exists. I will just disgusting to think about this garbage that you gave here. I would advise you to caught the balls of people who upload your paid albums on the internet, but "did not burn witches at your 8-bit fires".


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thank you for support, Stasyamba wink


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Someone made me a star chiptune scandalous chronicles smile
Joking aside, I do not like it sad


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here's my channel http://www.youtube.com/user/pornmachinegun links are at it? smile


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I am pleased to present you, one of the most famous Russian 8-bit netlabel.
8BB now has a pages on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/eightbittersburg and Soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/8bittersburg


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Thank you guys! I'm glad to hear good things about my music.
Listen more SkweeeRRL http://soundcloud.com/porno-uzi/sets/sk … bit-beat/. He is still more distant from the casual DS-10's representation .