As far as I know I can put up BY content, right? If not then good thing I've just started out on this.

Brilliantly clear. Thanks ^___^. I only really want to use it as background music, although I will always link to it. I'm seeing (here and elsewhere) it's mostly BY-NC-SA, and since my account is monetized I couldn't do that I don't think. Kinda new to it, but I'm sure I'll find something. Don't want to be a pest and ask someone every single time I like a song whether I can use it.

I used to use 8bc, before it... well, whatever happened to it.
Excuse this kinda thing for being my first post, but under Creative Commons, is it okay to use music here (with permission) in YouTube videos, like blogs and what not? Listened to chip for quite some time (not hipster amounts mind you), and would love to use it really, as royalty free stuff is just... well.. nowhere near as good.

Cheers guys. I'll upload some of my own music if I can find it.