1 DMG and 2 cartridges sold.


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Selling this NES cartridge: https://bitpuritans.bandcamp.com/album/2a03-puritans

I've always just played the digital version. Having never played the cartridge, I guess I'd like to sell it.

$15 + shipping (which can go up to $15).



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Sorry for the bump but I absolutely would love to grab a brewski if you come to Portugal again. There isn't a chiptune scene here though, maybe I could invite one or two people and we can hang. PM me if you do!
I wish I'd noticed this sooner

Updated OP.


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I do, check this out:

http://chipmusic.org/forums/topic/19781 … osted-etc/

Selling this Midiboy for 140€.

White/Blue DMG Mods:
- Integrated Arduinoboy (2 midi ports on the side)
- 1/8 Prosound
- CPU wheel
- Blue backlit screen
- Color matched power switch and LED

Video of it in action: https://youtu.be/QJ61NqqK2uc



Black/Pink DMG
- 1/8 Prosound
- CPU speed switches (normal, 2/3 and 1/2 underclock)
- Pink backlit screen and buttons
- Color matched power switch and LED
- Bass boosted

2 LSDJ carts.


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New price.


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I've only used it once.



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I put up all my chiptunes on Bandcamp for 69 cents. That's 5 albums worth of Game Boy (LSDj, mGB), FastTracker 2 and calculator music: https://azuresound.bandcamp.com/album/pocket-boy

There's non-chiptune music too. If you go to my YT channel, you can find some live videos and a music video for "All The Snacks".
Thank you.

Just wanna say thank you guys, and also, I might poop out a few TI-84+ SE tracks next month. One is already up on my channel.

Recently put out two albums of 1xLSDJ tunes. They are Mean Machine, focused on wav channel wanking, and Piko Piko Stereo, focused on composition/melody.



Thanks for listening.


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Oh wow. I'm coming down on my wallet so hard. Actually, I'll probably skip some of the noisiest stuff since I'm more of a melody guy. Nice collection though, that pizza is glorious.


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Yeah I already had a look around kitsch's store. I was going to buy crashfaster's record off their Bandcamp but shipping's almost half the price on your shop. Thanks for that!
Also, I've been tracking Retro City Rampage for a long time on Discogs and nobody wants to part with a copy. If you have one I'll buy it this instant.


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Hi. I'm currently collecting all the chiptune vinyls (or some variations thereof) I can get my hands on, so can you point me to every release you know of?

Here is the stuff that I have so far:

Right now I'm looking at http://t.co/dXdIlFfRDI , http://t.co/kxB4x9iirr , Retro City Rampage and (some) Anamanaguchi records, but other than that I'm all out. Bandcamp, Discogs, labels, personal sites, it's all game as long as I can buy them online.