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I got a pink one big_smile

squidula wrote:

This thread is my worst nightmare. I got anxiety just reading it!! Wish I could have helped!

Hope this never happens to anyone.What a mess,the cart is collecting dust until i get something planned out for it.

It doesn't hold saves.What should i put on it? Tetris isn't an option hahah

Never ever buying from nonfinite again...I contacted on everything i could.Even facebook.no reply.This is just outrageous.


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Teh D3th St4r wrote:
Imnikola wrote:

Filtered Lucky Strikes?!
You luck son-of-a-bitch.
They stopped selling them in the U.S.

DON'T TELL ME THAT....fuck that sucks


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Enrolled in a pharmacutical college.(i'm basically joining a big mafia which kills people,legally...oh well at least there is shit ton of money and i can try and change the system a bit)  now over the summer i was doing some photography.SHould be working the next month and a half to do pictures for a tattoo artist.


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thinking about doing some leds but dunno...

Wanted to have it last a bit longer for gigs and such.Would the leds under the buttons eat up the battery?

Cool big_smile Pm incoming soon to few of you ^^

Stevens wrote:

I've never been to Austria but Rico Zerone - one of the best chipmusic artists around and a super nice guy - lives in Vienna!

Damn wish there were more people i can contact sad

I was expecting a lot of things,but i didn't expect a nutsack.If you PM me your info i can send you some stickers,i think around 10ish +/-  stickers would be cool.

I'm looking specifically for Vienna in Austria,i will be styding there from october(most likely) and i wanna get to know some people i can work with.I'm a friendly guy,it's not like i will take your kindey if we meet big_smile

For Greece i will be in Thessaloniki from the first of August for a few days skating with some of the locals i've met a few years ago.
Afterwards i will be in Athens for maybe 1-2 weeks.

Anyone want to chill grab a beer and listen to some chill tunes or fuck it even play somewhere hit me up big_smile


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SuperBustySamuraiMonkey wrote:
Imnikola wrote:

The current live setup for lsdj.I might do another one with ableton/nanoloop sync.

Same setup, altho I dont use my overdrive anymore. I tried using a fuzz too, but Im just fine with the kaoss pad, nowadays.

Gonna get a reverb from a friend and eq big_smile it's pretty awesome.Kaoss pad is just bangin'.I love sampling.Probably add a arduinoboy and sync lsdj to ableton and use kaoss pad as controller as awell.Some crazy ideas in my head.


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validpointdaniel wrote:
Imnikola wrote:

im liking the singstar mic.

hahah ye borrowed it from a friend,my rule.If it works then it's good to go.Who cares it's from singstar,get's the job done. big_smile

My first set.Was in a club,everyone did something live.I did lsdj and kaoss pad.Added some synth stuff through kaoss pad effects,prewritten samples and fuck around with mic.THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IS TO HAVE FUN AND TO DANCE AROUND AND SHOW THAT YOU'RE ENJOYING IT.TRANSFER THE WIBE MAAAAN

I bought the last dnd big_smile


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Wow people,thanks for such a great response big_smile

Very good thing to have such a site.


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godinpants wrote:

Entirely not what you wanted fucked up further by jpeg encoding.

At least something big_smile