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frank angotti is dead wrote:

this may help you more/maybe easier to get your hands on cuz ASM may not be back for some time.

I actually do have one of those coming in the mail eventually, ha! But it still seems like the Altane would be the quickest way to get photos off the Gameboy Camera. Thanks though!

Hello all,

I am currently working on a project involving the Gameboy Camera, and an Altane programmer would simply speed up the process significantly. It seems ASM is in a state of limbo; it's been a very a long time since the site has been updated. I was wondering if anyone had one that they weren't using, and were willing to negotiate some sort of transaction. I realize this is probably a shot in the dark. Anyone who got one in the initial run is probably using it. But if someone is willing to part with there's please message me!

Or perhaps nitro2K01 may see this post himself and would know some sneaky way for me to obtain one not going through ASM!


This is great stuff!


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This album is rad. It PUMPED ME UP at the gym yesterday! I look forward to even more Twistboy jams.


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Havent received mine yet. I guess we dont have to be worried that happened in shipping... I guess that's a positive.


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Has anyone from the US received theres yet? I am in no real rush to get mine, but it has been quite a while and perhaps I should be concerned?


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This release is so good!

I experience a similar thing when running LSDj on my DMG using a 64m smart card, but only when I have low batteries. So maybe try swapping out the the batteries, and see if that fixes it? But this is on a DMG with no clockmod, so maybe not.

I got everything figured out. Below, I will detail my process, for anyone else who may find themselves with the same problem in the future. It may be also worth noting that I could not get my green USB - MIDI adaptor to work at all. Was there something wrong with these products? Or is just because of the weird alignment for the link cable end? Anyways, here are the steps I took to update my cartridge.

put rom in folder downloaded from nanoloop website
open terminal
ran command: cd <folder location / name >
---- You can drag the folder in the terminal instead of typing out the location / name ----
turn on gameboy while holding select until the rhombus boot screen appears
connect nlmidi connector to usb port and link cable
insert link cable in Gameboy
run the command: ./nlmidi02 -send <rom name>.gb
---- I found ./nlmidi02 in the readme.txt file found in the download from the nanoloop website. This may change in the future ----
hold select and press start on the gameboy
an "n" should appear under the rhombus
on the computer, hit "enter" to start the transfer
nlmidi in the command line should count up to 64/64k
when nlmidi says "done" hit start on the gameboy

Thanks to everyone for helping me figure this out. Hopefully this can help someone else out in the future.
Now I actually have to get good at Nanoloop.

Ok BitFlourish, I greatly appreciate your step by step, but it did not work for me. I will type out the steps I did in order to show where it stopped working for me. I am going to type out every little thing I did, just to really be clear as what I tried to do. Here is what I did:

put rom in folder
***added step*** opened terminal
***added step*** ran command: cd <folder location / name >
turn on gameboy while holding select until the rhombus boot screen appears
connect nlmidi connector to usb port and link cable
insert link cable in
run the command: nlmidi -send <rom name>.gb

at this point the terminal window returns this:

-bash: nlmidi: command not found

Is there something I need to do to get the system to recognize the command? I do get the n to appear, so I think my gameboy is all ready to

I will try that as soon as I get home from work. Thanks for all the help; I really appreciate it!

I actually own one of both

bitjacker wrote:

you have to edit the command line in notepad (im on windows)

Can you elaborate on this a bit?

Ok, so I have got my new nanoloop cart working. From the e-mail oliver sends when he sends out your cart:

To start nanoloop, press the START button. When it starts for the first time, it will then display "??????" below the nanoloop logo. To continue, press START+SELECT.

I guess I just read over that. This also fixed the hello start screen.

If anyone can still help me with updating my 1.6.3 cart, that would be great! still no luck connecting it with USB - MIDI adaptor.

link fixed. not having a good computer day...

So I have been having many troubles updating my nanoloop 1 carts using the USB - MIDI adaptors. Let me explain my situation:

I have two carts of Nanoloop 1, one that I got a while ago that runs 1.6.3. This cart works fine, but I would like to update it to the most recent software. My second nanoloop 1 cart I received about a week ago and "runs" 1.7.1. I put runs in quotes because when I try to start up nanoloop, I get this screen, and can not progress to the program:


It also may be worth it to note with this second cart, I can never get the opening "hello" load screen to work. I figured, maybe updating the rom on this cartridge might fix it. Perhaps I received a faulty cartridge and should contact Oliver.

However, I am having trouble getting my USB - MIDI adaptor to communicate with my cartridges. I can usually figure this type of stuff out with a little trial and error, and finding stuff online (I did get the EMS cart drivers installed all by myself). I have tried some things that seemed like they were working, but ultimately everything I try fails.

Can anyone either give me a step by step description of updating the roms, or just some advice as to what to try next (perhaps there is one thing I am missing that would help me). I am a native mac user, so would prefer any help that way, but have access to windows. I only have a limited amount of experience using terminal, so maybe there is something I am missing there. I did already try updating the cartridges on windows too.

If anyone at all can help me out, I would be greatly thankful!

EDIT: So I have figured out what was wrong with my cart that is already running 1.7.1. There is a procedure that needs to be done when first using new carts. From the email by Oliver when he sends out your cartridge:

To start nanoloop, press the START button. When it starts for the first time, it will then display "??????" below the nanoloop logo. To continue, press START+SELECT.

I guess I had forgotten about this step in the time from when he sent the e-mail to the time I received the cart in the mail.

I am still looking to update my 1.6.3 cartridge, but have not had any time to experiment with it since the original post. Any help would be appreciated.