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Emar wrote:

are any of these the songs i transcribed? HEY RICKY I STILL WANT MY MONEY, I KNOW YOUR IN THERE

What? LOL. Ricky didn't work on any of these songs. He's chiefly just our bro and a pat of our live show. He did do the cover art, though.

Now, you say you did some transcribing for him?


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Hello! Here are six vocal cover songs done by me and Ty "Suzumebachi" Guenley as Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire. 3 use real NES emulation; 1 uses real SNES emulation; 2 are totally fake.


Track list:

1. Skyway (originally by Apples in Stereo)

2. The Distance (originally by Cake)

3. Duvet (originally by Boa)

4. Juese Belmont/ Vampire Killer (originally by Disk Mastah Smokabitch/ Kinuyo Yamashita )*

5. Silent Running (originally by Mike and the Mechanics)

6. Leave Out All the Rest (originally by Linkin Park)

*featuring Z of Hipsterplease.com