Ha, just mentioned this in the ORCA thread before realizing it had its own thread. Right now, I'm just eager for the Uxn version to get a gate parameter on its MIDI operator since, currently, it only works as expected on drum machines or devices which function similarly to drum machines. I've got the means to try it on GBA and DS right now and will be taking those for a spin before too long. I'm also hopeful that the GBA implementation can get keyboard input before too long, although I'm interested to see what they come up with for controller input in ORCA. (hoping for contextual value cycling, though button combos would surely work well enough--would also love to see value cycling available with key combos on a keyboard)

For a fairly comprehensive, interactive, and up-to-date tutorial on ORCA's usage, see here: https://metasyn.github.io/learn-orca/

For a more lightweight and portable version for Linux (including RPi, etc.), check out ORCA-C: https://github.com/hundredrabbits/Orca-c

For the latest around ORCA's development, particularly most lately around its development on and in relation to the ultra-portable virtual computer Uxn (which just so happens to be able to run on the DS, GBA, and PSP, apart from the PC and among much else), see here:
https://llllllll.co/t/orca-livecoding-t … 2?u=rmblrx
https://llllllll.co/t/uxn-virtual-compu … 3?u=rmblrx

(also, here's a little something I was working on using ORCA with a DMG and in parallel with RetroPlug: https://www.instagram.com/p/CP9H0D8hzZI)


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My little corner down in the dungeon. Not everything, mind you, but most of where my focus falls, at the moment.

So while I haven't been terribly active on this community specifically, chipmusic was my entry into music-making in general (for good or ill), and remains central to my exploration of electronic music. So I guess what I'm getting at is that I'm glad this forum's here carrying the banner.

I think there's much more yet in the cards for chipmusic on the tech side of things, and so I think it's likely to continue popping up in surprising ways as the world of electronic music advances.

martin_demsky wrote:

in Deflemask is export to vgm, but i not tried it yet smile

Yeah, that's why I thought it was relevant to the thread, but this isn't a thread about Deflemask or the music anyone might have produced with it in any regard. Deflemask is incredibly useful for producing VGM but woefully deficient in its MIDI mapping. Deflemask as a VST would imply deeper and more expansive MIDI functionality, but better MIDI in the desktop or mobile version would probably suffice almost as well for bridging the MIDI to VGM barrier.

ORCΛ is far and away my favorite software sequencer. I've been wanting to do a track with that and mGB for a little while now. I've done some noodling to that effect already. One of the first tracks I did with ORCΛ was for the DAFM Sega Genesis-based synth (though mine uses YM3438):

I was instantly enthralled by ORCΛ's concept, but I wasn't sure I could make the sort of tracks I had in mind, based on seeing it's typically used (frankly, in a far less boring way than how I intended to use). It did, however, prove versatile enough for me to cobble together some machinery by which to compose and perform in a way that didn't require too much livecoding or demand for accurate timing in cueing sequences. I'm not sure that I'll be doing so much composition with it, going forward, but I'll definitely be using it to sketch sequences to be used in composition or for producing more generative pieces.

I really don't see how that covers anything that I or the OP are looking for. Namely, recording to VGM (i.e., being able to export tracks formatted in .vgm). Why would it matter why someone would ever want to do such a thing? What bearing would your particular process or approach have in regard to the very specific inquiry of this thread?

Yeah, but it's just note input for one channel at a time. No MIDI CC, no polyphonic recording, no channel assignments, right? I think that what anyone's after here is the ability to compose (or perform) in a DAW for the Genesis via MIDI commands and have those MIDI commands recorded to VGM without too much fiddling. A tracker like Deflemask would be a decent go-between if it had deeper MIDI mapping.

Is it more full-featured than Deflemask on desktop? Meaning, is it at all comparable to gen/MDM with its CC and channel assignment? If I recall right, the mobile version does have some novel features when compared to desktop, but I don't believe deeper MIDI input is necessarily one of them.

This is something I've been dreaming of. I wish Deflemask, at least, had full-fledged MIDI input (there really just needs to be some kind of Mega Drive MIDI standard) so that one could at least record to the tracker and then export to VGM. A VST would be ideal, though.

I don't know, maybe FMDrive does fit the bill, but I can't seem to get it to work with Bitwig, and the lack of a 64bit version means that I can't use it with VCV Rack. I have been meaning to see if I can get the standalone version working with ORCΛ via loopMIDI. I had high hopes for the RYM2612 VST with how enamored I've become with RYMCast, but the lack of VGM export/recording is a bit disheartening.

I am very interested.


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Bolt Action by RMBLRX

MNSD011 -> raw digital gleam weaponized

With tracks and production spanning several years prior to its release, this album was performed using LSDJ on a variety of handheld gaming platforms from different models of gameboy to emulation on the PSP, mixed down with only a portastudio 414mkII, and mastered to VHS.

This is a bit different from what I'm accustomed to hearing from chiptune artists.  The concept and context are still a bit cryptic, I'll admit, but I'm inching my way toward a better cohesion between my electronic work and my more improvisational work; for that, I need chiptune with teeth.