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CountSymphoniC, thank you for doing what you do as much as you can! I wish all the best at your work and in your family!


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Is the project still alive?

Not a tracker, but easy to use without manual DanceEjay! big_smile

NTRQ without manual!


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awesome! thank you, bro!


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Just wanted to say, keep strong, bro, I believe you'll overcome that difficult period!

Hello! I'm wondering if the project is still alive? Would be pitty to know that it is abandoned because the idea is so awesome...

Aly James wrote:

I made a bunch of roms for testing the CSM speech synthesis mode on the genesis hardware during the development of my FMDRIVE VST synth, I should release these one day...nothing like a tracker but you can sort of play with it smile

Would be nice!:)

Yeah, very interesting to know...