suicicoo wrote:

Kitsch, is there any chance you make gameboy-buttons in the colors of the snes-buttons? that would be awesome!
also, are there any news regarding your new gameboy-front-pcb?

yes, nearly done on the front pcb, so very sorry for the delay!  it seems to be one thing popping up after another lately....  the last thing (moving into a new office and workspace) is wrapping up shortly then its time to hash out the last things on that project, finally...

re: the buttons:

the colors you need are all there, in all the console types as well.  just did a very large restock....  actually, you can find pics of all of them on our instagram:

or through the ebay store for photos without the filter:

photos photos photos...  if i can find the time I'll try to post a few here as well, but today's plans revolve around trying to get the last bits moved so I can get back to full force again w/ assembly and development stuff.  bits and pieces laying around here and there are driving me nuts...

It has been a while, how are things?

Pretty busy over here (got married, ahhhhh)!  Just pumping things out, working on new stuff, generally staying too busy to rest!  Grabbing a moment to shoot out this newsletter and let you all know about whats up wink



easy_amp_mono rev.1

NEW! silicone wristbands

NEW! silicone buttons


Stay tuned and keep chipping!

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^ sale ends tonight, midnight, eastern time!

from the newsletter



Kitsch-Bent is TEN.  :O  Time flies when you're having fun....  and our wonderful customer base has made this all a blast.  You all are terrific.  So how about a sale?!...  we will celebrate with clearing out some inventory and you'll get a present too (a sale).  Sound good?

First though....  new product announcement for all you HoustonTracker users!

2.5mm to 3.5mm Adapter Cables

And now..... the sales.  These will last through the weekend, until MIDNIGHT Eastern Time (East Coast USA).  ALL CUSTOMERS DURING THE SALE WILL GET A FREEBIE.....  A SILICONE KITSCH-BENT WRISTBAND!!!  Beginning as of the sending of this email...

5% off -- USB 64M Smart Card
10% off -- Glass Replacement Screens
15% off -- Plastic Replacement Screens
20% off -- Cartridge Shells
25% off -- N64 Joystick Gears
30% off -- Frontlight Kits
35% off -- Stereo Amplifier for MGB
40% off -- Battery Contacts
45% off -- Metal Shielding
50% off -- Silicone Buttons

Lift off!!!

Want to see all the items on sale on the same page?  Check this out...

We won't be shipping over this weekend (out of town) but will resume on Monday.  Thanks for your understanding!  Going to take a well-deserved break....

Keep chipping....  we'll try for another 10 years wink

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thanks for looking!

(i'm lazy and don't feel like hyperlinking all the links as seen in the newsletter....  so just click this)

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Restock on USB Power Cables!

*drum roll*

USB-to-DMG Power Cables

We restocked these in 3 ft, 4.5 ft, 6 ft, and 10 ft lengths!

keep chipping,
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thanks for looking!

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At Long Last!

They're heeeerrrrrrrrreeeeee!!!

N64 Joystick Gears

More restocks and new products coming up soon, stay tuned!

And keep chipping wink

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thanks for looking!

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Not much to report apart from a USB 64M Smart Card restock!

USB 64M Smart Card

More restocks coming shortly! Stay tuned!

keep chipping,
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thanks for looking!

el_dmgs I'm working on....  need to reorder one of the parts then I'm on it,

amp_dmg....  still no ETA.  energy is focused on moving, and i just got engaged so there is a wedding in the works wink  yikes...  much less free time!

kitsch wrote:

P.O. Box 927
Hickory, NC 28603-0927

YES, we'd love to send out material as well.

we can handle a HEAVY load of materials.  bring it on...

bump in case you'd like to have your things promoted in our shipments!

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New! New! New!

A lot is going on around Kitsch-Bent headquarters.  Apart from an upcoming move to a *much* larger space (inventory has overwhelmed us, so we are expanding to a new space to allow for more), we're hard at work preparing new products and adventures for you, our valued customer.  We hope this newsletter finds you well!

GBA buttons
GBASP buttons
SNES buttons
slide potentiometer kits
cartridge shells

how to make chip music vol. 1 zine
custom dmg case
frontlight kits
common ground dmg button PCBs
batt_dmg kits
RGBss kits

Some exciting news coming up soon (and perhaps an inventory reduction sale methinks), so make sure to stay tuned!

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thanks for looking!

this last increase in international shipping rates is truly just horrible.  hmm

usps really did a doozy

we have clear shells in this style, atm

they were just restocked in the past week, you'll find them in the drop down menu

there are shiny types in silver and gold here, they've been there forever i've just neglected to get a picture taken thus far... … nt-screens

the one without the dash

and now.....  back to moving.

i checked out a couple/few of the ones you mentioned in this thread after the redirect stop...

i got a 503 error, a parked website page, and a 'website coming soon' page

so i think the redirect thing worked (because my exceptions seem to be working fine).

hope that helps!

if you figure out who purchased, i'd love to know!