It's located at Freedom Farm in Freeburg, IL. Huge event, More than just music. DillonsaurasRex headlining. Lots of other local artists playing as well. Beer, Barbecue, the works....along with raffles, art on sale, gypsie tables, massages, and many other awesome things.

All profit goes to a college fund for scholarships for art students.

Good stuff!

Anyone got any Glow in the dark buttons or shells, even just a screen cover would be welcomed with open arms. Willing to barter or pay in money.

They are leftovers from doing a few mods. I went to this local shop that sells retro gaming equipment and bought out all of his leftover Gameboys(just the originals). But a few of them have small things wrong here and there and they are just sitting in my drawer mostly for parts.

hit me up.

willing to trade the lot for pretty much anything, 1 working DMG to add to my arsenal, or maby a bleepbloop cart, even just some custom buttons or a decent DMG shell. just get at me with any offers.