Got mine, pretty nifty as expected sounds much smoother than software emulator C700. Yeah totally understandable given 64KB limit, composers got very creative sampling.

Minor note the app does not recognise loop points off WAVs but naturally does to native SPC.

Depends on how your current workflow is, and how 'faithful' the tunes are.

Personally I have a MIDINES (among many other hw boxes) and MIDI sequence everything old style using from Logic X. I simply prefer to compose with MIDI, drums and all. To gain extra isolation and control the final pass I solo each voice and multitrack. The MIDINES takes the drums / rhythm role on pretty much every track I do.

Yes as noted above, the MIDINES has a very good midi implementation, all those CC controls, and those awesome DPCM samples!

Twisted Electrons newest "hapiNES L" has a MIDI implementation so you don't have to use its sequencer which makes it somewhat comparable to MIDINES (not quite).

If you're just after leads & fills another hw box for consideration is "Arcano NES Chiptune Synthesizer". I also own this and for doing env and vibrato stuff, it is much so easier than programming a bunch of CC in the MIDINES case.

From your description both might be a good fit.



EDIT: gone to fleabay sorry ;(

Slight nod to myself (lain2097) in that everything is done pure real hardware, not only 2A03 but SID, AY3, OPL3 plus other hardware boxes.

If you want something REALLY different and noisy check out 2013 "Professed and real intention". … -intention


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Sometimes they pop on the bay but can be many months to years in-between.

Check out the "midibox" and / or "Mutable Instruments" forums as that's a place you can find them. I personally bought my SammichFM off there but as it's totally person to person; there's an inherent risk.

Yes I also have a SammichSID and it's awesome, tho that twisted electrons has an actual interface. MidiBox are always sort of 'hackish' and crude in comparison.

Wow thanks for the listens and feedbacks much appreciated. I realise it's not the most mass appeal but well I'd have it no other way.

Hey all, just out is a short-ish LP of gloomy, dark and some hard distorted mess tunes. Completely hardware; MidiNES, AY3, SammichSID, SammichFM, MicroGranny and some SPC samples.. all tracked and mixed on 4-track cassette. Near the end its pretty much a slushy distorted mess, oh yea!

Even decked out going with pro mastering.

Check it out, something erm.. different.


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Myself I've never had a problem with my MIDINES that I've had for years, just bought mine fleabay, no issues. It's midi implementation is far superior plus it has some useful DMC samples. The aforementioned wave traveller and sample start done by CC is completely unique to ANY sampler, MIDINES or not.

Never tried chipsounds but YMCK Famicom is very very close to the real deal. I also have an AY3 though sort of similar it's got something.


Intricate and oppressive, me like.


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Dunno why anyone would bother with these when the superior MidiNES is easily available?


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I have the earlier PreenFM 1, being an FM nut I've owned many (proper) FM synths before and honestly they have the best FM interface for a hardware FM synth. PFM2 is more like a DX7II clearer sounding not to mention stereo whereas the older PFM1 was more raw and edgy unique. Reliability has not been a problem with mine, 3 years still working perfect.

One thing too is that these are totally CC controllable realtime, old yammys are unwieldy sysex and only effect on note on. Mod matrix is sick, load of realtime commands can be programmed in which can't be done on yamaha fm, expect perhaps a FS1r.

Though if all you're doing is playing DX7 patch banks, just get a TX7 in my opinion.

Cool, thanks for the listens and comments.

I was aiming for rough, distorted and in your face, think i succeeded wink

Okay no more mr. nice guy, this short but succinct LP combines what would hard trance, eurodance be like blown up with chip synths. Usual suspects like MidiNES, SammichSID, SammichFM, AY3, etc plus a MicroGranny doing most of the vocal samples. Some tracks are really hard and distorted almost wall of noise, others like "MemEx" are more 'standard'.

Quite different from that gloomy 2014, "4".

Check it out:

In addition there's two cracked out videos:

What are your thoughts?

Well got a bit carried away so I did it three ways, NES/AY3, OPL3 & SPC700. 8bit version is using AY3 on 'lead guitar', MIDINES on everything else. Bit of a cheat with overdubs but that's how a 12 voice NES would sound like tongue I had to do a lot of hand editing of the midi tracks to compensate for the MIDINES midi implementation, even then the pitch bends are not the same curve. However I liked how it comes across as glitching so I left it. TO make it really authenticate you would have to cut it down to only five voices.

OPL3 version is a straight one pass, directly no mixing off SammichFM. Which is pretty much spot on for OPL as OPL3/YMF262 has enough voices, reminds me of doom II.

SPC700 was more for fun, many instances of C700 plug-in loaded with real ripped SPC samples I ripped myself. Then off to a hardware bit crusher (Shruthi-1 DSP) to give that sloppy heavily filtered 32khz DAC. One day I hope that hardware SPC cart will see the light of day!

I have the original tracks too (in 96k/24) if you want to mix it yourself.