I'm in tucson and make chiptunes.  Unfortunately I don't think there are too many others here that are into chip and I haven't heard of any shows happening.


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its a nintendo

did you try fresh batteries?


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LSDJ wouldn't work but I think Carillon does exactly what you are looking for.



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MaxDolensky wrote:

Add me to the "interested" bus. Been looking for a good clear case for my 2000 :3

I wouldn't bother with replacing the case on a psp. They never seem to fit as good as the original cases and usually the replacement buttons suck.

I made one for the lolz.

seriously though, making a bunch of people work and then only paying one is super shitty. Its like eating a bunch of super yummy samwiches and only paying for your favorite one.

Also, have you guys even finished a game? I checked out your website and everything looks like really early WIP stuff.


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Michigan was pretty rad but I recently moved to Arizona. Sadly chip in Arizona is almost nonexistent but I'm close to Texas and California, both of which have active chip scenes.

So your saying you want to make vgm without using anything too "synthy" and you also don't want to use vgm samples? I'd say the reason you are stumped is because what you are trying to achieve isn't really possible. My advice would be to use soundfonts with little piggy tracker. I believe using soundfonts requires that you use a ghetto build of the piggy but it should be stable. Snes soundfonts should sound similar to gba stuff but gba soundfonts shouldn't be hard to find/make.

Good snes soundfont sites:
http://snesmusic.org/v2/select.php?view … mp;limit=0


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I know you said no kits but the default 707 kit's clap at half speed sounds pretty good.


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I think memory erasers local is my new favorite track of yours. All the other tracks are really good too.

I was just experimenting with bpm, groove and other stuff. I don't know if I would ever go down as low as 40 bpm but going sub 80 could be useful. I still don't understand how going below 80 bpm is a hardware limitation of the gbc/gba.

Super cool experiment time:
I synced a gba in slave mode with a dmg that has a variable clock. I got the gba down to about 15-20 bpm (controlling the variable clock on the dmg) before it would lose sync and go into WAIT mode again. Controlling the BPM from another gb also doesn't change the pitch which is cool. So, I suppose I could use a gb as a bpm control unit. It could be useful but I'm sure doing this stuff through an arduino would be more efficient.

herr_prof wrote:

Thats intentional. It can go lower on a real DMG, but not on a GBA or GBC, and reflects differences in the hardware.

weird, thanks for the info

I'm having a bit of an issue. I can set the bpm on my  dmg down to 40 but on my gba and gbc it will only go down to 80. I've tried with two carts and two versions of lsdj (4.7.0 and 4.7.3). If I sync the dmg with the gba/gbc and have the dmg set as master I can lower the bpm to 40 and the gba plays at that speed. I'm just wondering if I can set bpm to 40 on a gba without having to sync gameboys. I tried searching and couldn't find any info on this.


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I can vouch for grado headphones. They are a little pricey but if you look around you can get a used pair for pretty cheap. I've had my sr80 (bought them used) for a couple years. It really depends on what you are looking for though. Grado headphones are open, meaning that they don't seal on your ears like most over ear headphones. They lack any isolation so they leak sound but it gives them a more open soundstage. Some people find them uncomfortable but I don't think they're terrible.


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Thanks guys