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good shit dude


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El Huesudo II wrote:

Considering the rest of the post- genres and what they do (post-rock turning more ambient and experimental, post-punk turning more worldly and theory-minded, etc), post-chip would have to define a tendency on the chip scene and break from it... except, which would this convention be?

This is why I oppose the notion of chip as a genre, because the only characteristic you need to be "chip" is to, well, either use chips, emulate chips, or work with near-chip limitations. And while doing so, you can write house, rock, salsa, tarantella, zydeco, whatever.

So no. I posit that "post-chip" can't be a thing because chip ain't a fucking genre. Unless you decide to do a lot of chip compositions based on the genre stylings of any post- genre and call it post-chip... though I'd say it'd be more accurate to call it chip-post.

God, this is so inane. Look what you make me do. This is embarrassing.

Chiptune isn't a genre, it's a philosophy. Post-chip can definitely be a thing because it pulls from the ideas and aesthetics of chipmusic but not always it's process. Music with a limited chip-esque sound pallet made with modern hardware sounds pretty post-chip to me  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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YOOOO! Just started writing Saturn music in Techno Motor, incredibly stoked for this!


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Coova - Ainochor


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I released this album two weeks ago. It's pretty cool if you're into upbeat LSDJ pop-punk or dance or emotional sounding chiptunes. So yeah, it's like 7 bucks. There's shirts and cassette tapes too, so yeah that's also pretty cool.



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Now if only iCactus would return. He shut down his soundcloud a while back and just kinda vanished.


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You make the best music


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I loved your first release when it came out. I was actually wondering quite recently if you were still making music so I cant wait to sit down and listen to this.


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Glad this is finally out. We'll just pretend it's still summer tho wink


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This is some next level stuff. incredibly stoked to use this when its completed.


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Remembering Childhood is still one of my favorite chiptunes period.


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I wrote this track in 3/4 https://soundcloud.com/boy-without-batt … igital-age


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I just got done talking to a friend who has one of these that he's willing to sell, and it's pretty much exactly what I need http://www.amazon.com/Lexicon-Alpha-Des … 000HVXMNE. Thanks for the help but I think I'm good now.


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Anything under $100? The Profire 610 looks perfect but it's a bit more than what I can spend at the moment.

Edit: yes the gameboy has a prosound mod. I shoulda specified that.


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So line-in isn't doing it for me anymore, and I want to get the clearest sound i can get from my gameboy. I bought this http://www.amazon.com/Behringer-UCA222- … rol+uca222 because I heard it was good for chiptune, but it's a complete piece of shit. Nothing but whine from that thing. So I'm returning it and want to get something thats actually good. Recommendations?


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Oliver is currently redesigning the nl.2 boards which is why there not for sale right now