One thing I should mention about that CCAM is that it says it cuts the headphone out on the Genesis 1, might not be worth doing if it does this on the Nomad as well.

Theta_Frost wrote:

P.S.  Someone please make a surface mount CCAM board so I can pop them in my Nomads!

I think the board these guys are using is what you're looking for, although I'm having a tough time finding the actual PCB or a parts list. As soon as I can afford a Nomad, I'll be wanting to jam one of these in mine, too.

animalstyle wrote:
katsumbhong wrote:

this would be great for visuals but said the sound is messed up - no deal.

Not to make anyone's pants any tighter... … t-nomad-x/....


It might make more sense to just release the ROM and use it with a flash cart, as it'd give one access to the save files, which would make what I described above much easier. Though maybe Kitsch, or whoever is developing the everdrive carts would want to know where to get such shells.

I'd be a fan of either, TBH. I'd somehow think that access to any MIDI implementation would make sense with a special cart, but updates to the software might be harder to achieve (?). Maybe building in MIDI connection through something like the GENMDM (accessing/using the 2nd controller port for MIDI) would work for that. What turns me off to GENMDM though is that I don't want to have a computer on stage and would much rather just sync everything with standard DIN MIDI cables.

Either way, if this gets released I'm ready to buy it wink

Hey, I just joined so that I could say HELL YES would I like this. I have been waiting/looking for a good mobile option to be able to a) write songs on a Nomad; b) play/sequence etc. on the Nomad; and possibly c) traditional DIN MIDI sync with drum machines, etc and the like. I would buy this the second it was released if it did these things (or the first two, and the possibility of a solder job to get MIDI sync).

Love for the YM is streaming out my eyes right now.

Another suggestion, I don't know how hard it would be, but having the ability to compose elsewhere and load those songs onto the cartridge in some form or another would also be neat, but I don't know the scene or the technology very well, so not sure if this is just impossible or what.

Would also like to point out that if you're planning on doing a cart, you should talk to WaterMelon or Super Fighter Team to find out how/where they got their molds and cartridges.