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For all Chiptuners in and around Hamburg: there's going to be another 8 Pauli Chiptune party with artists like Midi Man, RoccoW, Poly in Frames and The Mad Bitter. https://www.facebook.com/events/761980507182090/


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@ Timbob: I heard from Frans that you were at the CCC but unfortunately I was in Holland during that time.
@ Jotie: didn't know about the world database yet. Thanks. That's a great help.


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@ Shizcake: Bremen is not so far from Hamburg ;-). Let's stay in touch.
@ Bitwish & Sandnell: thanks for the tips. It's good to know about events in the north of Germany as well. Hopefully there will be an event like this next year.


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Hi there, I'm looking for chiptune artists from Hamburg or from the north of Germany. There doesn't seem to be any 8-bit parties over here, so it would be great to organize one in a cool club over here.