Little Sound Assembly 2017 Compilation Album
Fifteen tracks showcasing some of the musical acts that will be performing at this year's Little Sound Assembly on September 29-30 in Evansville, IN

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September 29-30
Evansville, IN
All Ages


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Thirteen 1x and 2x LSDj Hypnogram tracks of varying styles presented by Smoking Mirrors. It's been nearly two years since my previous self-titled EP release and I'm very happy to finally present to you, my first full length chip release!

18 tracks showcasing the fantastic talents of this year's great line-up. Jam these tunes to prepare yourself for the live assault in less than a month away on August 26-27.

Presales are now available at our new website! Early bird discounts currently available.

Wow, brb, doing this to one of mine. Looks awesome.

boaconstructor wrote:

u guys should just call it "gnar" because it's gnar

I support this motion. I would have to start making it if it was called that.

Things are pretty filled at the moment, but we've got some stuff in mind where that may be a possibility. Always come prepared.

urbster1 wrote:

i am so there

Heck yeah :3

Little Sound Assembly III
August 26-27
All Ages
1418 W. Franklin St.
Evansville, IN 47710
Website - Presales and Info!
Facebook Event Page


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This is pretty awesome sounding.  Love it.


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I, also, would be very interested in these becoming available. Like, whoa, yes. I've been sitting with an arduino in my house for months and I can't bring myself to gather all the necessary odds and ends. I would absolutely pay for either option, with a preference for the shield variety.

Updated OP with current lineup. Barely more than a week away, now!

Our preview compilation album for this year's event is now available. Showcasing a large portion of the talent that will be present, this collection is a small taste of what will be going down September 4th, 5th, and 6th! Help support this growing festival and enjoy this very diverse set of tunes!

More info on the event at:

Facebook event page: