Hey folks, I posted my first demo on here a while ago, just recorded some new stuff and I was hoping for some criticism on it.

http://pixelpanic.bandcamp.com/album/wh … -cityscape

Thanks, and enjoy~


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bitjacker wrote:

right around 1:11 where it does that noise thing, for 1 chain put kill commands to shorten the bassline notes. it would give it a slice effect which would accentuate that cool noise break thingy

Thanks! I actually took that and applied it elsewhere in the song as well as at 1:11, definitely has a quicker and more interesting feel to it! Anything you can say for the other song?


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http://pixelpanic.bandcamp.com/album/fo … dy-demo-ep

Released this yesterday, was hoping I could get some criticism! I usually go to the OCRemix forums but I think this place will be more suited to properly criticizing my stuff. And use your fullest scrutiny, please!

I used only LSDj and a little bit of EQ/Compression in FLStudio, no effects or anything.