I don't see what the problem is...
You WILL need a multimeter, even the simplest cheapest one.
Find the cables that correspond to the pins.
If you don't have the pins you need, open the cable and move the pins around to match your needs.
Solder the two cables, or solder directly on the board.

Miss. Dracula wrote:

Well.. I have a question if any one is willing to helwwwp.
So say I am running outta chord on the keyboard due to splicing too many times.... couldn't I just remove the plastic
pin connector for the stock wires on the keyboards chip and solder the link cable chord to the correct spots once I find them?
Its just that this particular keyboard I have already added paint to the keys and would hate to see it go to waste.
plz & thnx much!

US, Florida

Thanks so much. Its just someone was over when I decided to cut the chords and they tried to help and instead they cut my keyboard chord so short that I have little wire to work with on top of that they ruined the end of the connector by trying to use there teeth to get through the glue. That is why I had a scalpel ]: I found some IBM pin outs too!

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as long as you have the correct wires + pins matched it should be fine.

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Ive tried again and I FAIL. So either way I get nothing but 00 next to the purge sequencer. Xero: you had done it with an IBM keyboard yourself, thoe I do know they are not the same model I am curious as to if your labeled chip is the same as mine. Mines blank -_- I am using a link cable that I know has power with a split classic and color on the other end. I bet someone is going to tell me that this isn't going to work... >_<


I've made what I thought was the apropreat connections but I'm still not getting any response.

This mod should work with any model PS/2 keyboard, right?
The only problem is figuring out which wires are assigned to which pins?

I just tore apart the PS/2  and GB connectors to see the colour assignments

My gameboy link cable has a wire in each slot/pin.
1- Orange
2 - Black   
3 - Blue
4 - White
5 - Brown
6 - Green

I assumed this meant the one in the first pin would carry the +5v....

I worked off of the diagrams here

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I'm sorry.
I should also say I'm using a cable that has a split for color or classic on both sides.
the same i think Miss. Dracula is using.


I should say i cut off the color side rather then the gb original

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Hey, sorry to bump this but I couldn't find the info anywhere else.  Because the keyboard requires 5v to power it, it is going to require external power if connected to a Pocket or Color, right?

matt's mind

somebody correct me if i'm wrong.....

but the pocket and color both have internal 5V.  if not coming directly off the power supply or anywhere else (preferentially), then check on pin 1 of the cartridge connector (or, is it pin 32???). 

either the first or the last one, should be 5V (and the other will be GND).

edit -- i realized that this answer may not make sense.....  becuase obviously how is there 5V with not even that voltage from the battery source???

well.  the power supply converts the incoming voltage into what the circuitry needs, so, in the DMG's case, this means taking the 6V and giving you +5V and -18V (for LCD contrast). 

and, unless i'm nuts, the pocket power supply gives the same.  the pocket i'm not sure about the contrast for LCD, but the 5V should be a standard.

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+5v is a standard thing for logic. Sometimes its 3.3v but in the case of gameboy rest assured its 5v. The cost of stepping up the voltage on something like 3volts to 5volts just shortens the battery life- aka it uses more amperage.

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Ohhh, okay, I see.  Yeah, my knowledge in basic electronics is still pretty lacking, so clearly I should be playing around with a soldering iron, lol.  Guess I just mapped the pins out wrong or made some bad connections or something.  Thanks guys!


Okay, so I've read way to many things about certain cables working and certain ones not; can anyone confirm that this cable will certainly work for an LSDJ Keyboard without needing external power?
Or this one (as I'd rather order from kitsch): … link-cable
Though from comments it sounds as though kitsch's are unpowered sad

EDIT: Just read that both of these won't work, anyone know of a web-store where I CAN buy a cable that'll work easily with this mod?

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yes, they are unpowered, but I've gotten it work by modifying the plug end of the cable...
wasn't really worth the additional effort, lol.


There's just so many of these guides and every method seems to have another person telling you that it won't work. All I want is my LSDJ keyboard, *sigh*.

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Neither of those will work as they are. Swapping a pin is not that difficult and you'll know which wires are colored what, as that tends to change between cables.

2PLAYER wrote:

Neither of those will work as they are. Swapping a pin is not that difficult and you'll know which wires are colored what, as that tends to change between cables.

This is what i did.  It really SHOULDN'T be that difficult, but for some reason it ended up being quite painstaking.

And i never use the keyboard anyway >_<