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Day of the triffids is pretty damn good. (The book) The two-parter TV version with Eddie Izzard was aight'
All of John Wyndhams books are worth aread but Triffids is the only one i've read thats post-apocalyptic.
Never seen a film version of it, but im gonna hunt one down.

Check out The Chrysalids. Its my favorate of his, set after some sort of disasterious event with people mutating n shit.

Ah, twas the first of his books i read, at about 13. I dont remember it being set after some disastrous event though, otherwise would have mentioned it here! Only that the main characters lived on some little amish like farmstead and had crazy telepathic power and shit, before heading out to find the city.

Deffo gonna have to go for the reread!

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Radioactive Dreams
Damnation Alley
Omega Man
Planet of the Apes series
Mad Max
Terminator series

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The Road, or 28 days later, orr Wall-e


Just watched "Doomsday" Not the greatest of movies, but I like how they turn to medieval weaponry. Also I like the punk / scavenger / rat style clothing, vechicle and weaponry of Sol's group.

If you like virus outbreak movies and gore, your going to like this one. Also theres some really cool Rat style motorbikes and cars.


In 2008 a virus breaks out in Scotland. England completely seals of Scotland with a giant weaponized wall, and then leave them to rot. Some factions survive, and battle it out. 30 years later the virus breaks out in England, and they send a team to Scotland to find a cure. Violence, gore and cannibalism follows.

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