so, if you're from hamburg: check the show at the Hafenklang this sunday (17.03.).

SternFuckingZeit (8bit-HC)
Lafftrak (8bit-HC)
Lost Girls (EmoPunk)

eskalation und so wink


yeah, at Hafenklang!!
my favorite location... so i will be there saturday AND sunday, saturday is my favorite Drum N Bass party in Hamburg (which my older brother organises, btw wink)
thanks for this info!

Joliette, QC, Canada
gwEm wrote:

B2000 haven't been active for a bit though sad

Yeah true...haven't heard from this band  for a while ! sad

gwEm wrote:

edit: although drx's side project "education of the n00bs" is active!

Hell yeah ! DRX is great, peer2peer on Seven was terrific ! big_smile


There are no shows in or near Stuttgart, right? If anyone knows one, please tell me big_smile

Detroit, Michigan

I'm going be be visiting some family later this year in Haibach, I would love to meet up with some of you


OK i will join you on Facebook.

Amity Level 2 wrote:

There are no shows in or near Stuttgart, right? If anyone knows one, please tell me big_smile

Maybe check some dates from the Lafftrak Tour:

16.03.13 Kiel/Hansa 48 (nurLafftrak)

16.03.13 Cuxhaven/Döser Börse (nur Lost Girls & SFZ)

17.03.13 Hamburg/Hafenklang

18.03.13 Braunschweig/Nexus

19.03.13 Hannover/UJZ Korn

20.03.13 Osnabrück/AZ

21.03.13 Dannenberg/Raum 2

22.03.13 Landau/Fatal (ohne Lost Girls)

23.03.13 Darmstadt/Oetinger Villa (ohne Lost Girls)


I'm german (Lübeck).. a few weeks ago I searched of FB but didn't find these group... great to see this here big_smile (Joined)

Dresden. Germany

I know this thread is old, but I'll still put my name in the round! I'm german and doing chiptune on a regular basis. TRIaC from Dresden, facebook:

There's also two facebook groups with german chiptune artists. "Chiptune Musik Deutschland" and "Chiptune Scene Germany"

That's it, cheers!


bloerb smile

The internet

I know a german guy in my school that makes music, but not chiptune.

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