ok, a pic with the new colors is up.

only thing not pictured, i believe, are the solid hot pink ones (sold out) and glow-in-the-dark (sold out).

other than that, i think they should all be pictured now, enjoy: http://store.kitsch-bent.com/product/cu … utton-sets

Got my solid hot pink yesterday!  heart  And kitsch was dead on when he said they are chipmusic.org pink.  Very awesome.  Many thanks.

Sorry to bump, but are there any plans for some pocket/color love? (are they interchangeable?)

Need glow and the darks but there out sad

Question on these: Does the feeling of the dmg buttons on the nes controller drive anyone nuts or is it unnoticeable?

yes, plans for color.  no plans for pocket, but thats a good idea, so i suppose now there are plans wink

glow in the dark, very soon.  nes and dmg types.

the dmg in the nes feels fine to me.  imo, of course.

updated first post.

just bought some bits!


sega flash carts restocked!

sega flash carts will be restocked at 2 PM EST (EST is -5 GMT).

enjoy smile

new product just added.  check out first post...

kitsch wrote:

new product just added.  check out first post...

Oh fucking nice.  That's a much better (and pre-made) version of this http://www.retrodev.com/transfer.html if I'm not mistaken?

NL. 2.3 when sad?

NL 2.3 and NL 1.5 will no longer be available outside of the nanoloop website once current stock is sold out as whatever distributor has them. 

I'm sure oliver will make appropriate announcements when he feels the time is right.

we were just alerted to this in an e-mail this morning.

there are changes being made which effect the ability of these to be sold be other distributors for a while.

sorry hmm  i'm bummed as well.

bump, read first post all you sega fans

Any plans to restock solid hot pink buttons?