more cells is ok. i just had 16 because thats what nanoloop has


lol dude

nice idea although i cant remember how any of my beats go

sandneil wrote:

nice idea although i cant remember how any of my beats go

put in what you remember and question marks for what parts you forgot. maybe there are others who can fill in the blanks. … e+patterns

Nothing much new out there really... if you're looking for skeletons.

Maybe missing the 2step patterns or something? |o---|x---|o--x|----|  |o---|x---|-o-x|----|

Nice idea really.

Skeletons yes, but those from voodoo ceremonies and peoples own original creations. like there is no agrred upon dubstep frame...

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added GABBER also you guys make your spreadsheets hella wack so I cleaned it up a lil

i actually have on my bedroom wall some papers with mariah carey drum patterns drawn out, i think they would make a nice addition!

Add "gs" for ghost snare? I imagine some of the snares in funky beats should be ghost snares, basically a snare at a lower volume.

do it, man. whats a ghost snare? how is it made? am i gonna have to learn about the ghost channel to do it?

who is zach hill? what is 4 33"?

Zach Hill's a super crazy drummer - check him out! And 4 33,'s meant to be experienced. XD

is he like the new neal pert? holy crap. 4'33" is nonsensical... but makes me want to take a crying baby into the place.

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bitjacker wrote:

is he like the new neal pert?

way spazzier hahaha

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