The things I like about chip music is that it's simple but it can sound extremely complex heart


this seems to be mostly "why do you make chip music" so ill go with:

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I played a gig tonight. I unpacked and packed my shit in the exact time the other band drummer set up the kick drum.

Thats why.

definitely some of this. also its hella cheap.

i have to say though, one very real reason for me is specifically the way LSDJ is laid out as a tracker and the way it presents basic synthesis. i really love it. i dont think ive ever been able to write /record /perform /execute music ideas faster than i can with LSDJ. Johan is a god in my book.


i like how i can make music using 3 sid chips and make a c64 demo with 4mat and join Hack n trade and meet nice people irl and meet horrible people online.

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pretty much stuff like this:

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the square waves.


The Ladies.


It was the most readily available alternative for me when I started making music. I had no instruments and very limited internet access, so I downloaded a tracker and a bunch of modules and was stuck with that for a while. Now it's mostly a matter of effort in that I don't have to spend as much time getting productive with a simple tracker as with a modern DAW (although fruityloops gets close, but I don't have windows any more). As far as listening goes, I'm not sure I like "it" more than many other genres of music, but there are some really good artists in the field that I respect a lot and enjoy listening to.

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I like that guitar fits with it so well. having the means to revisit old neuropathways of videogame music and add to those experiences is kinda good for clearing my head.

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I like chip music because dire hit

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I started listening to chip music during a phase of listening exclusively to hardcore 80s punk, so I guess the rawness of the chip sounds sat really well with me. I stayed because there's so much diversity and because there's happens to be some really really amazingly good music that released under the title of chip music.


I like the way the hard edges.... cut my dick...

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Jellica wrote:

i like how i can make music using 3 sid chips and make a c64 demo with 4mat and join Hack n trade and meet nice people irl and meet horrible people online.


SID music is the reason I got into chiptune, well, pretty much. Keygen music is directly based on C64\SID music and sounds a lot like it sometimes. Retardedly enough I owe it mostly to Timbaland. He made "Ayo Technology", the first popular song I've heard that utilized chip sounds (he has a SIDstation that he used to sample Acidjazzed Evening, the SID version by GRG). Maybe I would have gotten into chip music eventually, who knows. I guess I was already attracted to it when I first heard it in keygens, I kinda liked weird stuff even then.

It's not about nostalgia for me, at least not the same kind of nostalgia as other people here. I did play NES games as a child, but I couldn't remember the music from those games when I discovered chiptune later on, except for the Super Mario Brothers theme. However, I didn't associate it with chiptune music. The nostalgia\emotion I get sometimes from listening to chip music is from the chords people used in their songs, or from melodies that use slide\portamento and PWM (those sounds kinda mimic crying and they make me emotional, especially if the chords are sad for me).

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I like that I don't need a PC to write 8bit stuff. Feels reliable. I also like that the scene in Berlin is so small that I can get over my gigantic fear of singing/performing on stage since I know most people I'm playing for. Also, no need to find likeminded people to start a band with. Sort of.

Also, Huoratron.

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You never really stop learning in such a fun sense.

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I have chosen the medium of poetry to illustrate my response to this question.

"Chiptune is amazing,
It's lovely, that's for certain.
And when play it loudly,
I jizz all up the curtains."

I'm just a chip music observer, but I've been flat out hooked since discovering 8bitpeoples in 2006, and here's why. My Dad's an incredibly strict Muslim and music is discouraged in Islam, so the only music I could get away with listening to growing up the sound of my video games.
So for me it's started with the nostalgic aspect but soon soared to new levels of appreciation as the scene progressed, and now it genuinely excites me that there's an ever expanding sea of super varied and fanbastardtastic chip music out there for me to discover, every day.
I was insanely delighted when I stumbled upon chip music, I'd been trying to convince myself for ages that I was enjoying nintendocore. PFFFFT.
But yeah, more than anything it's the extending of a hand to that beautiful, beloved system and saying "Oh no old friend, I'm not done with you yet. You're coming with me." And then dressing him up in a tuxedo and fixing him a motherfucking cocktail.


thats a great story highadventure thanks for sharing!