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I know that BGB emulator is best possible Game boy emulator on PC, but there is some sound bug (maybe it is not bug), i use most of time real Game boy DMG-01 with LSDJ, and there is some difference in one drum sound i used maybe in every song, it is classic drum in pulse channel, note C-3 and command pitchshift down PD0 or PD1 give some punchy sound of that drum (i use command K next line), like it have some resonance, but in BGB emulator that pitchshift down sounds like it was shifted quickly down and is continuing in highest tone. It sounds right, when i enter note C-4.

So in real Game boy even if you enter C-3 (i can't enter lower value in PU1/2 than C-3, in emulator i can enter C-2, dunno why) and use that pitchshift down PD1, you can't go lower, in emulator when pitchshift reach lowest possible tone, it continues in highest. But on Gameboy i dont have new version of LSDJ, i also see that envelope was upgraded to ADSR and not only AR.

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That sounds like version differences in LSDj. LSDj recently overhauled its vibrato/pitch bend code among other things.