The Gameboy has LSDJ, the Atari 2600 has SynthCart, the Commodore 64 has MSSIAH. the  does the NES or SNES have a sequencer cartridge like these? I know of Chip Maestro, but I'm not really looking for something that is solely MIDI controlled or controlled by an external sequencer, I want a built in sequencer. Do cartridges like these exist for the NES or SNES?

(Apologies if this is the stupidest question ever, but I'm new to chip music and suck at Google.)

'sequencer' isn't quite the word you mean, but to your point

^ are you familiar with this project?  i think it might be what you seek

Neil Baldwin has made some excellent music software for the NES:
There's also the NESK-1 ... I guess this is closer to a cynthcart equivalent.

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For NES, Neil Baldwin has made a few utilities that might interest you.

For SNES, I'm not sure there's too much.

i havent found anything for the SNES myself sad but ive been using NTRQ for awhile its aiiight

In regards to SNES I think we have to adress the fact that it's soundchip loads samples from the cart ROM, right? I'm not very knowledgeable about SNES music, but I think it's something like that, so that kind of software for SNES would need heaps of samples from different games to be any fun.

However, there is a VST/AU that emulates the sample playback engine in SNES and actually loads SPC-files and rips the samples from them.

EDIT: there's a thread about this VST btw: … -vst-c700/

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^^^^^^very cool

for the snes youd probably be served by messing with modplug:

And then you can convert the xm to a spc format: … format%29/

This is a great help! It's a shame about the SNES, but thank you all for the help!

im sure someone will write something for the snes eventually.. hopefully sooner rather than later

I keep trying to convince nitro2k01 to build a super gameboy extension for LSDJ... wink

Does LSDJ not work on the Super Gameboy?

it does.. but its not snes sound format

Yeah, but that won't get you access to the SNES's sound chip, SPC:

yea but its basically mods with hardware reverb, right? I think the basic boringness of the chip has alot to do with the lack of tools for it.

Shit, sorry, disregard my last comment, I misunderstood.