If you have a #henkaku vita, you can launch picoloop smile



You can download from here :
https://github.com/yoyz/audio/releases/ … psvita.zip

Thanks Garvalf for your icon, the doc and all the other stuff smile

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Hello any idea for PS VITA interface

I need to double think it... seem to be doable and a good idea for this platform.
The touch interface is nice on the vita, so let's use it smile
Could also be usefull for android when I will release it, so double shot.

little update

I will try to see how the touch interface works, and yes, it could be a cool idea smile

talking about ideas, I have a few as well wink

- There could be a simple text configuration file in the picoloop folder, which could store the default:
* palette
* current bank
* audiooutput channel, midi and such and just preload them in the first picoloop screen, so it'd be faster to start up
* it could also hold the DUMP_AUDIO variable for recording or not the audio into a wav file

- The tempo should be stored into the bank. (I mean, 1 tempo for 1 bank). Even if it's not possible to change tempo during a song, it would be easier to have the correct tempos when we reload a new song. At the moment I have a text file with the tempo correspondances, to remember them, for example:
bank 3 : tempo 140
bank 7 : tempo 105 etc

- It'd be nice to be able to store wav files of individual tracks, instead of having them already mixed. So we could use post production on individual tracks (for example to boost the drums etc). The could be a DUMP_AUDIO_MULTI variable which would output to audioout0.wav, audioout1.wav, audioout2.wav and audioout3.wav instead of just audioout.wav

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I think the config file is going to be a must, it's really boring to setup the audio and midi every time I launch it.
For the tempo, it will be easy, yes only one tempo per bank.
For the multiple track out, should be not too hard now.
I will implement also stereo, YES, in 2017 picoloop will be a stereo program smile

So all your idea are good garvalf, I take it and I will do it.

PS VITA version thinks:

1 plz up master volume.
2 some trouble with parameter lock (i cant understand how is it works smile
3 plz add support right/left shift button for select parameter.
4 plz add more polyrhythmic (size for pattern)

THNX for Your work, its awesome!

1) I will do, you can already put more volume with SELECT+UP, i'm skying so will reply later smile

yeap i know about this but its to low.

1 plz up master volume.
      Ok, I will allow people to be  above recommanded value, but there will be sometime digital clip
      It will be available in the "first menu", and will be OFF by default.

2 some trouble with parameter lock (i cant understand how is it works smile
      It does not work like Elektron Parameter Lock.
      Today you can change every parameter of each step.
      You can not lock any parameter on each step.
      I will see how it can be achieved, It will arrive in a future release, because it is a cool feature.
      I will add also note retrig condition, and the trigless step ( only parameter change without retrig )
      BUT This will not be available soon, maybe month before it is available, I'd like to not go too fast on this, and write it cleanly.

3 plz add support right/left shift button for select parameter.
      Ok, I've write it, and I've push it on "master branch", because it is a good idea and will enhance the playability.
      Not a difficult task.
      It will be available when it is tested, it will be easier now to change sub menu.
      To change the sub_menu in [ENV] you had to use START
      Now if you will be able to change the sub_menu with B+RIGHT or B+LEFT if you are outside a menu.
      Definitely, it will be faster most of the time.

4 plz add more polyrhythmic (size for pattern)
      This was removed, because I had no possibility to : "restart the sequencer at step 0 for each track"
      I have added tonight the possibility to stop the sequencer and to restart the sequencer, so now I will "re add" the polyrhythmic feature.
      To stop sequencer it will be B+A [BPM]  or ( X+O [BPM] in ps vita )
      To start it A+START [ BPM ]
      It will set all Track to step 0 at the same time.
      So if you mess with polyrithmics, you can restart the sequencer to a well known state.

When this is finished, I tag a release with this and create a VPK file and EBOOT file and check it also on linux.
Then I work on Garvalf feature, which are, IMHO, really important today.
The config file is really needed, the stereo and the export audio with multiple audio file... mandatory.

Then I will see how the touch interface could be available on some platform because ps vita and android are good smile

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Cant wait!!!!!!! Thank you very much for Your work!!!!

Here is a new vpk 0.76b which contain :
- polyrythmic addon
- more than 16 step, from 2 step to 128 step per track
Here is the howto :
- cursor on BPM : X+O stop the sequencer
- cursor on BPM : O+Triangle start the sequencer
- cursor on PSH (plen) : O+UP add 16 step, O+DOWN Remove 16 step, O+Right add 1 step, O+Left remove 1 step
- cursor on PSH (pshift) : O+UP or O+RIGHT shift 16 step right, O+DOWN or O+LEFT, shift 16 step left
- from anywhere if you have more than 16 step ( example 64 step ), LTRIGGER or RTRIGGER move from step0 to step16, to Step32 to step48....
- change submenu if you are outside of a menu with O or X+Left/Right

Download link :
https://www.dropbox.com/s/uibltv78dmmza … b.vpk?dl=0

Tell me if it solve some stuff for you smile

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Thnx for relise!

bugs in ps vita version:
1 switch bpm not workig
2 some troubles with select any funktion (osc/waveform/scale etc or another tab)

some idea for ps vita
1 i think keys to delete note need to assignmet to "x"
2 maybe add copy/paste step with paramater lock key (copy: o + down; paste: o + up)

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Idea for future

Sequencer in sequencer

Thank you Jalex !

1) bpm : I have not make big change on this, enter the menu BPM then X+UP increase by one, X+DOWN decrease by one.
then press TRIANGLE ( it's an alias for START on ps vita ), you can change the SWING and the DIV ( which is the step length).
just double check when you are enter in bpm menu that you are able to change swing and bpm. Should work. Or I may have post the wrong VPK file... It's possible i had made a mistake on this...
It's working on my ps vita, so I'm a bit worried with the file I have put on the internet....

There seem to be a regression on this release on the PBSynth synth engine which does not work on track 0, I will need to double check. Yesterday night I had an issue with it... Today not, so there is a thing to double check. which is weird...

2) now if you are outside of a menu you can change the submenu with X+Left or X+Right


1) For the X key to delete note will see if it is better, I will tell you. But seem to be better yes.

2) For the parameter lock, it could be great to do it like you describe and will change the color of the LOCKED parameter. There is some addon to bring in the file format to be able to lock them, so there will be some wait before it is available. This feature need to be done rightly. expect some time before it is available.

For the "sequencer in the sequencer", I will add what we call here "table". It is a matrix which will allow to change lot's of different parameter in a step.
google "lsdj table" and you will understand what it is.
Look at 'lgpt' or 'lsdj' and you will understand what it is.
It will allow arpegiato, change osc really fast for the same trig.
This is planned, but this one is a big change, will have to wait before it is 'released'.
It will need another file to store this table. But will be really usefull smile Believe me it will bring really more !

Have you try polyrithmic ?
Go to PSH and don't enter the menu.
Press O+LEFT it will remove one step each time.

Have fun wink