I just now saw this thread linked from HTB's SMN news forum.  If it's not too late, I'd like to cover Manateen.  I can have it submitted by August 1.  smile

If you do allow me to submit the cover, are there any rules regarding the "8-bit" sound?  I can make something sound 8-bit, although it may not technically be 8-bit...  Listen to my song "Chart Topper" and see what I mean:

Milan, Italy

Sorrry. This is an 8bit compilation. So i can only accept only 8bit tracks.
Those distorted synth are not 8bit, if you could use some good vsti it could be ok.


since i'm not receiving any track.. ALL the songs are still up for grabs.
Deadline 30 august.
You have one month. smile

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

So, any updates?

Neo Jersey

whatever happened with this?