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I'm pretty sure that this has something to do with how the Everdrive GB flushes and pulls data from SRAM and the microSD card. I believe this was even discussed here once upon a time as a potential hurdle for SD-based cartridges.

No. That dicussion was the problem of making an SD cartridge with no battery, or fitting everything on the cartridge. EDGB does have a battery, so that's not a concern. The problem here is how much SRAM space the cartridge is assigning to the running ROM. Currently it can assign at most 32 kB. The SRAM chip in the cartridge is 128 kB big, but half of that is reserved for system data. This means the biggest size SRAM LSDj could use is 64 kB. This is ok. It's enough for a couple of saved songs. But this would most likely require a firmware upgrade/modification for EDGB, which I'm hoping to be able to do.

64 kB is the same the white Nintendo Power cartridges expose to a program like LSDj. Incidentally, they also have a 128 kB chip which may be possible to unlock, but that's a story for another day.

Did you need an Everdrive GB to test with?
I have one I'd like to donate to your cause - would be fantastic to get it working with LSDj.

Edit: I tried LittleFM 0.5 and it complains it doesn't have 128kB of memory, so it looks like the Everdrive is eating up enough for LittleFM to freak out about and LSDj to only allow you to reset the SRAM?
Idk what I'm on about, but hopefully that's a good start to solving this problem.

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An important note (forgive me if this is obvious): it seems that you have to force the Everdrive GB to backup its SRAM by switching to another ROM in order to retrieve it from the SD card; otherwise the .srm file you pull from the card will be empty. Took me a while to realize this.


i would like to get a flash card... did the situation change?