@frantic: I wrote you a long text and much was wrtten to you with important questions, did you see that at all? It doesn't seems that you paying attention to my text and questions.

You took a small word from a big koncept and made it a big deal. Like "cool with software update, In general I don't like bugs".
- "Oh so you think I have bugs?"

Translate the word "In general" in swedish so there is a better explenation of the word.

Have I ever said you are a fraud? I have NEVER said that and Iam the one who is donating money to you.

@herr_prof: What exactly in my text made you offended?

Have a good day!



d3Ni$e: Well, no matter what your intention was, that last post of yours certainly came across as "You are ignoring me. Please explain your intentions behind defMON and defMON 2. Will it only be for [different categories of bad people] or will be it for [different categories of good people]? I like to donate money to various projects, but not if it turns out to be a fraud."

What I was reacting to mostly was that last part, where it sounded like you were saying that defMON/defMON 2 was a potential scam. I understand now that this is not what you meant, since you just stated that clearly. But, to be honest, I still don't understand why you thought it was relevant to bring up the idea of fraud if you didn't think that was relevant in relation to what you were discussing here (my work and intentions with defMON/defMON 2).

To be frank, the rest of that post didn't sound overly constructive and friendly either. It seemed to be coloured by your recent conflict with F7sus4, and since that has absolutely nothing to do with me or with defMON, or even with the "C64 scene" in general, you may want to consider that it is not super interesting for me or other people to listen to that sort of talk. Regarding your initial post, that you complained that I didn't respond to, I want to point out that it mostly a number of statements and it wasn't clear to me at all that you were seeking a response.

I am grateful that you donated money, and that certainly helped my inspiration lately when I've spent quite some time lately to fix a number of bugs in the original defMON + setting up that forum for bug reports and discussions about defMON, some personal support relating to your assembler coding problems, and many hours of work on the new player for defMON 2 over the last few months. Yet another version of defMON is coming out soon too, after Goto80 has done some more testing of the features included in it. However, I would prefer if you don't donate more money in the future. It is probably best that way.


Dennis, if you read your post from 26 September you can see that it's been edited by a moderator. Maybe your questions were removed because as far as I can see, Frantic has been more than helpful with answering your questions?

Anyway, I'm going to test the new features now so Frantic can release the next defMON update. \o


goto80: It was an unfriendly text that was aimed at another user in this forum and not to frantic therefor it got edited by a moderator and removed that post from 26 September.
I hope you having fun testing it out Mister! And yes Frantic is helpful but I just want to sort this things out.

frantic: Like you said yourself now about my last post.. That statement had nothing to do with you and the defMON and the defMON2 project.
It just came out of the blue since I was talking about failed kickstarter projects and donation in general and had all that in mind it came out wrong.

I understand you now also that you did not know I was seeking respons of my first post cus I maybe even not even having any question marks.

No, I was putting up one short one-file demo we had make with defMON music in and I thougt it maybe was going to be intresting because to put up on the defMON site cus it has to do with defMON.

No my intentions was not to be unfriendly in any kind either and It was not couloured by a conflict with someone else.

My big questions was just "What prupose and for what groups are you aiming your defMON trackers for?"
I asked that question friendly and it has also to do with defMON and that is why I texted that here.

Im super happy for your updates and the process of the defMON2 project.

"I would prefer if you don't donate more money in the future, It is probably best that way."

Oh so here I got suddenly exluding me from helping out and support your work regarding defMON and defMON2?
Can you please motivate that statement.

I did already donated money for the defMON2 project this day also.



@deise: Thank you for clarifying. Of course I can motivate why I don't want you to donate more money (and yet you did it anyway.. uh?!). Here is one reason: Today I had to spend some time to figure out how to remove those posts you wrote at the defMON forum, without breaking the forum system so that it complains about missing files and so on. That was "fun". I didn't see any kinds of apologies for that from you regarding those posts, or any kind of self-consciousness of your behaviour, and I don't want to see it in the future either. That is, I am not asking for apologies. You had your chance to show who you are.

The only thing you wrote at the defMON forum when I asked you not to use my defMON forum for your little personal vendetta was like "Oh but I am banned from so I can't spill out my rage over there, and this defMON forum doesn't seem to have personal messages so I can't spill out my rage over personal messages in here either, so I am going to abuse the public forum for my personal conflict and just spew it out no matter if that is a proper way to behave in relation to Frantic or anybody else". I mean.. go figure.. As you may understand, I don't feel super motivated to answer questions from you. The donation is refunded. I want you to leave me alone.


@frantic: "(and yet you did it anyway.. uh?!)" Yes for showing that you missunderstanded me before about that stupid fraud quote I wrote.

You know also Frantic? My girlfriend was working 4 hours with a C64 animation last thursday same as with the boat animation.
It is a fish swiming in the water and I put a scrolltext under that said: Thank you Frantic for making defMON2 now Im donating myself to you..." It is all ready done with a 1 minute tune in defMON that has weird tunings as I like doing in defMON.
We were supposed to put it up on the evening tomorrow Saturday swedish time. The name of the release was going to be "Mister Lax" and right after the release I was going to donate 1K Sek.This is all cancelled plans now ofc.

Have you ever been humilated in public before? I have and it hurts therefore my texts in your forum.

I say sorry to you for everything even if you don't want to hear it from me. You have been really showing who you truly are also.

I feel offended by you so Im glad you are leaving me alone.

Cute song but not my cup of tea, bye!



Sometimes people's own behavior is their biggest humiliation.

When you're a person (along with second account, which supposedly belongs to a girlfriend) obviously hate-voting all productions and a CSDb profile with 1/10 ratings of someone, because that person "dared" to say your debut work feels unpolished - there might be something wrong with you, not others.

When you then decide to spam multiple obscure-languaged and barely comprehensible posts here at pointing at someone personally, which aren't even a response to any discussion that previously happened, and these posts become ban-deleted by the moderators - there might be something wrong with you, not others.

And if that wasn't enough, when you continue to spam Frantic's defMON forum with the same sort of messages nevertheless - there might be something wrong with you, not others.

These are facts, this is what you have done, and you seem to be utterly unaware on why this is wrong. With that being said, please do not bother me again, thank you.

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Yep yep. I think everybody had their say now and I suspect the discussion won't lead further from this point, so I suggest that we leave it here. Other users at the forum may find a continued discussion disturbing.


F7sus4 Ofc because you humilated us both but we are happy doing it back.

Yes Im totally done here.


Bratislava, Slovakia

I can share two more worktunes to defMON wiki:


Thanks Martin. I've uploaded the tunes now. Feel free to do it yourself as well. The wiki should be open for registration of new users (if everything works as it should, which I am not completely sure that it does).

Bratislava, Slovakia

Thanks Frantic, will try it next time, by the way that sync interface mentioned earlier is sold out? I want to sync defMON maybe with lsdj, nanoloop, behringer td-3 bassline or some midi gear.


The sync interface was made and sold by Scannerboy, who is here at this forum. I don't know if he would still be willing to produce more units, or if he's even got a spare one lying around.

Bratislava, Slovakia

Scannerboy is maybe not going here often (i sent him private message), but i have finished right now another defMON tune and i will try to sync this tune to Behringer's TD-3 acid basslines manually, so maybe it is just need some training to match BPM and starting point.

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Alright. Yes, I haven't been in touch with him in quite a while either, so that may very well be the case. Not sure if this BPM calculator helps:

Note that you may need to add 1 to the speed value seen in the sequence in defMON to get the right value for that bpm calculator. So, if the speed in defMON is "2", that corresponds to "3" in that bpm calculator. At least that is how I remember it. You'll notice.

Another thing that may be good to know is that the next version of defMON will introduce a "nudge" feature, so you can nudge the tune one tick forward/backward with a keypress. That's useful when two sources are running in the same speed, but when the beats are not fully aligned. Hopefully that new version will show up in just a few days.


...and now various loose ends got tied up, which means that I can now release the new version of defMON: … d:download

It includes that nudge feature that I mentioned.

It also includes a simple way to connect two C64 computers to sync two machines running defMON. The only thing it does is in fact to start them at the same time, so it doesn't make sure that they keep running in sync, if the tunes are running in different speed or so.

Another new "feature" is that the release now consists of two .d64 images. Both of them contain defMON, and one of them also contains a whole bunch of defMON worktunes kindly shared by Ilkke, F7sus4 and Goto80. Thanks a lot for that!

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