The Rubber Man

not mine this time.


This ZX Spectrum 48K music collection was made in memory of Ján Deák, who sadly passed away in November 2014 at the age of 46.

Ján was an author of ZX Spectrum games, music and music routines, and one of the founders of the group Bytepack. Most people will probably know him as the author of the ZX-7 beeper music editor. With the engine used in said editor, Ján held the record for most channels (8) in a 1-bit routine for over two decades.

Shortly before his death, he returned to the Spectrum scene to bring us the 16 channel ZX-16 BEEPER routine, thus reclaiming his throne as best beeper routine coder of all times.

Rest in peace, Mr. Deák, you will be missed dearly.

Download a demo with the music: … ribute.rar

(C) 12.2014

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