I need to get my c64 out of its box again... right now lack of space is making it all a bit difficult, but I'm getting there!
Anyway I agree, Sidwizard really rocks (kudos @hermit!)! What would make it even better for me is a HerMIDI interface, anybody know if some people sell those built? DIY is a bit difficult for me atm...

Oh and another question, did anybody ever make a cheatsheet thing for SIDwizard?

yeah, have a look at this:


the sidwizard user manual has also several tables for helping to compose with it.

@garvalf: thanks a lot! Just what I was looking for!

but you're welcome @rumpelfilter ! smile

From the same author, don't miss this excellent manual as well: http://csdb.dk/release/?id=129032

It really helped me to get into SidWizard!

Oh yeah! Thanks again! I've got two albums to finish right now... the next one might be one made with SIDwizard! smile

All I want to know is, is it SID2SID compatible?  If not, I gotta stick with MSSIAH.