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maybe it should be a beauty pagent like mainstream music.

Ugh, people actually both dislike and care about pop music. Just do one or the other, it's not that hard.

I'm looking forward to the first series of Chip Idol

someone should do  that ^ and put it on youtube. it would be fun to see comments. make the episode totally unfair...

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Lots of comments and opinions on the question here, but, how DOES the ratings system work? Does anyone actually have the correct answer???

I'm not sure of the actual ratio, but from what I understand it's more or less something * (comments + favorites) / views. If you have lots of comments or favorites and not a lot of views you get a higher rating, and the rating gradually goes down over time as more people view it, unless they keep commenting/favoriting.

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for some reason unbookmarking a song will sometimes drop its rating... strange. i listened to almost every song. besides the ones with 0, 1, or 2 bars. knowing "how" the rating system works is not important. just listen to a bunch of songs with the same rating. for the amount of work (or just raw talent) that went into a song its pretty accurate. there are a lot of awesome musicians on here. some should be famous.

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