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Streets of Rage is absolutely amazing!  I love the Castlevania Bloodlines soundtrack as well.  The YS ones rock too.  Bucky has a few really great ones up.  Splatterhouse 3 is great too.


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Also Contra Hard Corps rocks hard!

Theta_Frost wrote:

Also Contra Hard Corps rocks hard!

I used to write Contra: Hard Corps fanfiction when I was nine or ten. I fucking love that game and I've been playing it all my life, yet I still have a pretty hard time getting the good ending.


fuck yeah Michael Jackson's Moonwalker.

and fuck yeah Jet Grind Radio.

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Mega drive music is all about awesomeness! smile

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You can't really hear the music very well, but this game has AWESOME music!

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Another one, well known but not mentioned yet: Dune - Battle for Arrakis. I recall I used to record the music to compact cassete back then, as well as to hate it (after hundreds of hours of playing).


The entire soundtrack is golden, but this always stands out for me.



<< this song is why we need a proper tracker - it's pulling out all the stops YM2612, PSG, samples

<< i'm a sucker for the FM galop groove

<< when this track picks up after the half time feel, its fuckin sick

<< funk

<< i feel like this groove screams "hi, im in the 90's"

i would have posted flying battery zone but yeah... and Tides of Time goes without saying.

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Jellica wrote:

The only Megadrive music I've admired is from the Streets of Rage series.

For some reason they decided not to go down the kitch bleeps or prog metal route that most games of this era seem to go for and opted for some mental rave, wobbley bass lines n all.

If you like those you should like Batman & Robin (Shiru mentioned this but didn't post an example).


I know it's not strictly sega, but it sounds sick on the mega-drive.

Someone has already mentioned Sparkster, but I think I prefer Rocket Knight Adventures more. smile

And another Ecco the Dolphin song heart

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Why hasn't anyone said "Magical Sound Shower" yet? Will edit with video inserted later, though that shouldn't be necessary.

Also, any music in the Monsterland series. Will link later if necessary.


I think magical sound shower is boring. There. I said it.

Toejam & Earl is the best, tied with Streets of Rage, the first. The other two has great songs too, but not as good as the first.
Sonic for the SMS is a pleasant surprise for those not familiarized with. As Sonic 3D Blast that has some good songs, not the best.

As far as Sonic goes, the Pinball one has an awesome music called The Machine:

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T.N.M.T Tournament Fighters on the Genesis had some great music.

This was never made into a game but this track is what could have been. Behold, Follin on Genesis/Mega Drive! … 1G4Y-efV_E

And then, the amazing "Beyond Oasis"  The composer of the Streets of Rage series takes on orchestral music with the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive ....and this is just one brief example of how good it is. … re=related

There are some real gems out there, this thread is great. big_smile