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i am running on a mac butttttt...... i got crossover. i will give it a try.

edit: there is actually a mac version.

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Milan, Italy

I usaully play some chillout techno stuff or with CellDS (from the same guy who has made GlitchDS).

I also love to use it in jam sessions with other musicians..

(this video sucks, i was totally drunk and you can only hear the guitar)


i am very interested in connecting my DS, running glitchDS with my gameboys.
a possibilty would be using DSMidiWifi. but as i find laptops on stage totally unsexy i would like to go for some wired MIDI interface hooked up to an arduinoboy or something like that.
i found this device: and the one mentioned in this thread too … -question/ --- but so far i can't see if the software supports these devices.
has anyone seen a working setup like this?
oh, and does anyone know what happened to the glitchDS forum?

Brazil - Japan

Does anyone still have Glitch DS and/or Repeater DS? It seems that they disappeared from the internet T.T
I looked everywhere and just managed to find the Cells DS from the same creator (Bret Truchan clone45)
I've got a NDS fever here and i need to test EVERY music sequencer available.



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Geneva, NY

Nice! Glad you found it. I'm sure I still have it on my DS homebrew card.

Czech Republic

GlitchDS, CellsDS Download and Documentation works here: … /download/
RepeaterDS Download here: … RepeaterDS

Tried GlitchDS now second time and what a nice program!
If you want to use own samples, It has to be:
22500 kHz, Mono(I didn't try stereo), RAW

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