Update 5/25/2017


It's a USB Arduinoboy! It's literally the exact same thing as an Arduinoboy, but it does MIDI over USB instead of DIN MIDI. Plug it into any computer and it will show up as a USB MIDI device for in and out. True to it's name, it's seriously teensy! It's even wrapped in a nice plastic shell for protection.

For an overview and review, check out Mage and Thief's review: http://mageandthief.com/post/1602343685 … yboyreview

For more information and purchasing, go to http://catskullelectronics.com

Update 3/18/2017

Gameboy Analog Sync Adapter

This is a simple little analog (CV) sync adapter for use with LSDJ and Nanoloop on a Nintendo Gameboy. The 3.5mm jack can be used as either an input or an output, selectable with the on board switch.

For more information and purchasing, go to http://catskullelectronics.com

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This sounds wonderful tbh

You'd be selling them lower than anyone and basically without charging labor costs

I want it

Sorry, I forgot to ask. Which version would you rather have? The pro micro would be able to be powered by a micro usb cable or the gameboy. The shield would be able to be powered by a usb cable, the gameboy, or a 9 -12v barrel connector.

I am more likely to go for a 9v battery than GB power, but GB power more than USB. I already have too much stuff powered by USB and don't want to drag more power banks into the equation. I like the apparent size of the micro though, so I would probably be leaning more towards that anyways, especially at 35

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would be great. even assembled ;-)

Super interested in stuff like this. Tried making my own boards, but just spent too much time and effort on the fuck-ups and ended up getting a board. A decent, low price kit would be awesome.

I'd probably be unable to pass up a kit at that price.

Count me in as very interested in the mini, this sounds way cool. What's your timeframe?

Thanks for all the positive feedback!  I should clarify that when I say that shipping is included that means CON US. international will be extra.

As far as timeline is concerned, I don't really have one. Hardware just takes forever to iron all the bugs out. I'm waiting on pcbs right now, so assuming they work, I could have kits within a month.

I can say that the shield style will be the first produced.

I should also clarify that the arduino I'd be selling are the Chinese clones. I have one in my hands and can say it works well enough. Quality is decent but not great. I'd probably recommend you buy an official arduino, but they're so much more expensive.

Those sound incredibly cheap! How awesome! How are you keeping production so cheap?! buying in bulk!

ArduinoBoys for the masses!! It's too cool!

I, also, would be very interested in these becoming available. Like, whoa, yes. I've been sitting with an arduino in my house for months and I can't bring myself to gather all the necessary odds and ends. I would absolutely pay for either option, with a preference for the shield variety.

Anybody want to climb aboard the hype train?

catskull wrote:

Anybody want to climb aboard the hype train?

after gb303? no thank you lol

For 15 bucks, sure thing.