yeah, 10x8


One reason I was thinking 10x8 is how it would look on a widescreen TV that stretches a 4:3 image slightly (or a lot) to reduce the black borders. Or is that out of the question for how this will be used?

It shouldn't be too hard to support both. As far as my low-level engine is concerned, you can just set the left and right columns to black and get 8x8 if you want. It's also arranged so that it's really easy to support the option in whatever code generates the color patterns.

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I would also vote for 10x8

and some random ideas!

Hold Select > U/D/L/R = Chose animations 1,2,3 or 4
Hold Start > U/D/L/R = Chose animations 5,6,7 or 8

Hold B > U/D = Speed up/Slow down animation
Hold B > L = Start/Stop Animation
Hold B > R = Change Background Black/White

Hold A > U = Cycle Shapes
Hold A > D = Change Grid size 10x8 to Whatever x Whatever
Hold A > Hold L = Black Pulse
Hold A > Hold R = White Pulse

Select + Start = Reset to default animation

Another way to access more animations could be for example

Hold U/D/L/R > Select/Start/B/B

Which would give access to a total of 16 animations?

Mainly thinking out loud here still but I hope it might be useful.

Also major major respect to blargg and Neil!


Yeah, blargg is timing-code sensei - my proof of concept was only possible with information from him and when he saw my few demos he was inspired to put some serious work in and knock it into an "engine".

I'm going to carry on with the animation stuff but we're going to keep on bouncing ideas off each other to make this a proper little project.

I couldn't wait to tell you guys about blargg's elevated involvement as I knew it was a cool thing. big_smile


i like lazerbeat's idea, but what if there was a way to spread the controls over two controllers? would that make it any easier?

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the part of me that heart's symmetry says 8x8.
but i agree w/ NO CARRIER, seeing them side
by side, my eyes say 10x8.

amazing work guys!

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thieveland ohio

midi/lsdj/ntrq sync!!!!


wow this is totally awesome. it seems like the future of chip visuals is being rolled out right now. incredible work guys

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this is one of the greatest builds iv seen in front of me, jsut got the permissions too. its comming with me to UltraChip this august.


I did a quick comb effect, with a subtle color gradient horizontally. Controller d-pad adjusts the rates of each comb. NES is recommended, as I can't test it on emulators, though I imagine Nestopia would handle it correctly.


Wow, this is awesome. I'll surely use it at my next gig!

Heosphoros wrote:

Wow, this is awesome. I'll surely use it at my next gig!

I was planning on doing the same!!


Something I was thinking was abstracting the individual animations and colour modes and allowing people to be able to string their own animation sequence together. You'd have to be comfortable with rebuilding the ROM (with ASM6 or whatever) but it shouldn't be to onerous.

Could have the timing between animations based on either a counter or user input (button press).

That way you could simplify the controls a bit and have one button to step forward/backwards to next/previous animation/colour mode. Or you could make the 8 (as detailed in lazerbeat's list) mode assignments yourself.

Endless possibilities really smile


I finally solved the problem of having enough time to do animations. I've had trouble sleeping all night, dreaming constantly about it, heh. This will allows layering effects and whatever, only at a cost of more slightly more choppy animation. It's not like most of these things need to run at 60 FPS anyway, at least I don't think. It's basically page-flipping, or a similar variation. I'm going to try it today. If this works, I think neilbaldwin will be able to go wild with the pattern programming side.


Well, as wild as time will allow. smile

I think we actually need to pull in someone with more experience with these things - I've never programmed graphics apart from displaying text. LOL


This is looking so great - great to see blargg here too!