Updating this to see if anyone is interested in custom leather cases. Outside of electronics, one of my other hobbies is toolmaking, mostly knives, for the pocket or the kitchen. In the past few years I've gotten into leather working in order to make sheaths for various knives; which has come full circle with the addition of carrying cases for handhelds. I started with my 2DS, as it doesn't fit in my pocket, and I wanted to protect the exposed screens. Pictured below is the mentioned case, made of saddle leather, lined where the screen touches with deer skin, and hand sewn using the extremely durable saddle stitch.
I'm also able to tool or engrave into the leather whatever design or text, although I will say flowers are my specialty. I have most handhelds in my collection to use for sizing to get that perfect fit.

Feel free to PM me, or email me [email protected] for more details. Located on the East Coast of US.

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Bump, New Auctions. I'll be uploading more items weekly, and editing this post as my only FS/FT topic. I hope to have my own website up and running by the end of November.

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Bump, New Play It Loud! DMG up, AV MOD+Enhanced Audio Out Top Loader with custom paint job coming up later this week.

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Bump, AV MOD Top Loader is done.

Is the DMG still for sale?

Bump, Qty 5 NES For Sale

Bump, House Cooling moving sale! Feel free to shoot me an offer for any of these items.


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Sorry for the late reply, pm'd back

Update: EMS cart sold, One clear Play it Loud! and one green Play it Loud! pending.

Bump: NES consoles now listed as eBay auction starting at .99

Bump for Update: Inquiry for interests in custom handmade leather carrying cases