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I want to compile a list of netlabels within or related to the community.
It will be a good reference and should introduce some new music labels that have gone under the radar.
Doesn't hurt to get free publicity too.

If you want to include a net-label to this list just add a comment below and a description.


- Chiptune & Electro Pop. Thats all I can read on this page. Its too asian for me to read. looks good tho.

- Apparently dead but still awesome. 15 artist were signed up with this bad boy.... cool stuff that should not be missed 4 sure.

-56KBPS is a 2-part latinamerican netlabel based in Mexico, promoting freely distributable  Chiptunes, music made with soundchips from obsolete computers and video game consoles. It’s companion, Diablero promotes music with no commercial appeal, like noise and electro-acoustic music.

- Classic... and well known. Blipfest creators and organizers. Pimp releases. Need I say more?

- St. Petersburg based weblabel with a slant for upbeat music.

Beep City
- Beep City is a sonic watering hole for electronic musicians who specialize in recreating that video game sound of yesteryear. Beep City is a sonic watering hole for electronic musicians who specialize in recreating that video game sound of yesteryear.

- Around since 2005 with a diverse catalogue, tends to favor breaks and glitches. Some very interesting stuff here.

Bleep Street
- Made up of 8 legends of the chip world. caution! This is wear the cool cats hang out. Terrific new look.

- Relatively small catalogue as of yet, seems to focus on 'hard and fast'

Calmdownkidder records
- CalmDownKidder Records is a Liverpool, UK-based netlabel for the hosting and promoting of chipmusic. It was originally founded in 2007 to host releases from artists who have played ChipFest Gigs. CalmDownKidder Records has evolved from that into a netlabel for all sorts of different artists from around the world, from the local heroes  to literally the opposite side of the world.

- Candy Mind is first and foremost an online mp3 record label but we have also released a CD, a short film and a weird recipe from Goto80. We are focusing on colourful artists who are creating interesting music. We like to release all different kinds of music: happy music, angry music, sad music, weird music, beautiful music...and crazy music.

Cheese 'n' Beer
- Sounds tasty doesn't it? They kinda a net label.... as far as i can tell but they do accept demos and organize awesome parties while informing the chiptune community.

- You can go here if you know what lolicore is

Chip'n'Damned Records
- If you are looking for this site... you will know you are there when you see the hypnotic psycho Squirrel. Chip'n'Damned Records is a netlabel which promotes and releases experimental, hard and uncommon chipmusics from artists all over the world.

- Here you will get EP’s, singles and full album downloads. All electronic music made by electronic entertainment devices. You’ll also get notes, videos, pics and comments about music, videogames and whatever we (and you) want to talk about.

- I like less than perfect music, mediocre even. This is not to say I intend on releasing shit, just music that hasn't been cleaned up, that distorts, and will destroy your speakers.

control Fuzz
- 8 bit fucking electro alll in that shit. "looking for 8bit electro music!!!"

coucou net label
- Founded (12/02/2009) and managed by Buskerdroid and J8b!t COUCOU is a netlabel that promotes and releases on the web italian and international micromusic singles/eps and albums.

Crunchy Co.
- where the cool kids in the northern east coast release and sell their stuff (some of it is free though) while wearing nut crunching pants wink Also there is some other cool projects on the site too.

Dancing is Forbidden
- Diverse releases, also throwing the occasional party.

Data Airlines
- Holding some realllly powerful stuff here. deff chkdisout. Not to mention it houses some of my personal favorite artists.

Da ! Heard It Records
-created in 2006, is a net-label touching on Toyz-Pop, Electro Trash, Chiptune, Breakcore and Electro Punk among others, with a heavy leaning towards 8-bit music and pixel/net art. The aim of this eclectic record company is to promote new artists and new types if music. D!HR is an outward-looking label, accessible to professional and amateur musicians alike, and to all types of listener, thanks to its policy of open and free culture and to the types of music it publishes.

The Datamoshpit
- Up and coming record company based out of Los Angeles California. Our aim is to produce chip music that people are able to mosh and go insane to.

Digital Force
- DigitalForce Records is a UK artist only Internet Record Label which distributes ALL of its audio releases for free download. We aim to give positive exposure to our artists as much as possible by making certain releases available to buy on CD, Vinyl and other physical distribution methods as well as organising and performing at live chip related shows.

Disco Ninjaz
- Net-label hailing from Barcelona, Spain / Moscow, Russia.
Disconinjaz is dedicated to funky arcade dance music, video game music / electro / acid trax / chiptunes / chipstyle disco / etc.

Dotnum Dunton
- Dotnum Dunton is a nanolabel. We release sound. We think it's stupid to categorize music in any way but sometimes you should use those well-known terms as "noise", "electronic", "experimental", "ommmmmg", and so on to describe to poor people what kind of sound we release

Drama Core
- confusing as hell... I really dont know what to say about this one.... i feel there is a heavy drug influence here....

Ds10 Forum
- Mostly a forum but, it does have some free releases up for grabs. All on the ds-10

DWD Records
- Only a few releases, but: Goto80, Paza, Stu, Psilodump, Alex Mauer, Yerzmyey, Divag... 'nuff said

- Error Code started out as a three day exhibition-event at K44, during the Synch Festival 2008. With the valuable help of our friends at Amigahellas and Greek Retro Maniax, the Error Code became a reality and hosted a large scale exhibition of vintage retro computers and gaming consoles, from the 8bit and 16bit era.

Fat Monkey Records
- Fat Monkey Records is a Internet Record Label which distributes ALL of its audio releases for free. We aim to give positive exposure to our artists as much as possible by making certain releases available to buy on vinyl and other physical distribution methods as well as chip related live shows.

- Future:Komp is dedicated to visions of a dated future, one in which machines don't always work but still save the day. We seek to provide a platform for electronic musicians from around the Galaxy, specifically those who go to great lengths to get their hands dirty in the generation and manipulation of periodic waveforms.

- Old Schoool fool. a lot of classics here + its got my favorite chip release to date on it.

Hand Held Heros
- Handheld Heroes is a sublabel of Give Daddy The Knife. HHH is a netlabel dedicated to providing free chip music without sacrificing quality. All releases are available for download, as well as purchased on CD.

Heavy 7 Productions
- Housing 4 main artists and a terrific news feed.

- HEXAWE is a label for piggy tracker releases. The catalog has mp3 renders (for easy listening) and zip archives.

II (Pause)
- A chiptune/video game related site with high quality and standards. Can buy download and view content. Pleasing website layout. Professional. A classic for sure.

- Japanese based, with physical releases from experimental to danceable.

- THE chipreggaedubdanchall label. Incredible catalogue, seriously pro tip. One of the classics around.

- Releases, parties, vinyl(!). The claim no fixed style or planning, and from the look of it that seems true to the point of 'if it's fun, we'll do it'

- Pimp European based netlabel

Label 8081
- Label 8081:
1. It makes no stylistic limitations.
2. For the publication of materials not paid money and he did not receive
3. All rights to the music remain with you.

- Apparently they invent new genres. goto80 is involved in this one. Pretty straight forward.

Lost Science
- a Intense site with killer beats, remixes, and noise. Realllly heavy and DIY in here.

- Reviews, music, and pictures with loads of artists. Fancy stuff here.

- Gettttting sexier with the dub chip. Not a lot of info on the page but, I am sure you can figure it out

Micro Music
- A world renowned classic. If you havent checked this out then you must be born in the 1800's cuz there is this thing called the internet... and Micro Music demands your attentions.

- Monotonik has released over 400 tracks from a variety of talented idm-ish electronic musicians from all over the world. Monotonik and its sister breakbeat sublabel Mono211 have been through a lot since '96.

- temporary music for temporary people. great site with tons of lofi music.

Nation of Skweee
- Hub site for Skweee labels Flogsta Danshall, Harmönia, Dødpop, Disques Mazout, Titched and Poisonous Gases. Skweeeeee!

Nite Owl Records
- Young label with diverse releases, aiming to promote overlooked and underrated artists

-  3 years and nine really high quality releases.

Piston Source
- PiSTON SOURCE is a netlabel that releases music made with Piston Collage (or PxTone for short), a chiptune/lo-tech music editing program for Windows. Its purpose is to show off the ways in which this little program can be abused. The music is "open source" in that anybody can open up the .ptcop files and see how the music was made. The hope is that this will inspire other people to play with the program, and someday release something of their own.

Pixelmod Records
- According to the site, "Pixelmod Records is a chiptune orientated label."

Pterodactyl Squad
- Pterodactyl Squad is a netlabel (an online record label which distributes music for free) and all the music we release is inspired by video games.

R-bot Records
- Swwwweeeet label doing sweet things. Your favorite ghost label, R-bot Records.

Radio Graffiti
- THEY MAKE VYNIL RELEASES!!!!!!!!!! thats all i have to say.

Select Start
- Based in Ann Arbor-Michigan, Select Start Records is a new label embracing a broad range of video game inspired music, chip music and visual mediums. All of Select Start Records' releases are available for free download.

- Home of the best logo ever (S [sexyface] B). Check it out. You wont regret it. They got an irc and some very passionate organizers and a lot of great releases. click on the link.... DO IT.... u kno ... u ... want ... to.

Treble Death System aka TDS
- A gem including articles, images, and music. This is pro.

- We are net-label and we release videogame/chiptune-related music. We started in 2006 focusing on music made on ZX Spectrum computer, but the borders were expanded with time.

- I dont read japanese so I cant tell you much but.... UGU is OTAKU/ANIME/MOE/AKIBA music netlabel in Japan.

The X-Dump Netlabel
- Super simple and straight forward. Some big names in this guy.
Thats all I can think of at the top of my head. go ahead and add to the list! just leave a comment!

A list of netlabels made by another fune gent:

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Handheld Heroes! (


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Saskrotch wrote:

Handheld Heroes! (

hHh = the stamp of quality.  Haven't had a miss yet!

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egr wrote:
Saskrotch wrote:

Handheld Heroes! (

hHh = the stamp of quality.  Haven't had a miss yet!

i thought mine was pretty bad honestly

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slowly but surely! bloopy dubby goodness.


I've got more after searching my computer and had a brief few minutes on google for the cause: (4CHR, R.I.P.) (WIN)




I made one list of netlabels. It is updated. Probably, it can help you for your resource.

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Geneva, NY  <- goto80's "make-your-own-genre" label!

bleo wrote:  <- goto80's "make-your-own-genre" label!

loving this
so muchhh

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Westfield, NJ is also a netlabel for music made with the KORG DS10. It has two releases currently, you scroll down to the bottom of the homepage to find them. All free.