Milan, Italy
arottenbit wrote:

thank you everyone for all these infos.
Now i'm going to rock out some 1bit shit! big_smile

But rember that SoundTracker/SQ-Trackers are 4-bit. Like SID or Pokey. Ay is 4bit.
I wish You luck.

yeah i'm still using Phaser1, so it's ok. big_smile

Milan, Italy

I dont care if this is a secret song for a compilation.

I really need some CostructiveCriticism since this is my first BEEPER track.

I think that the start is pretty cool, but when the slower part comes in.. it ruins everything.. hmm
Sadly this is have to be a cover (not a remix/interpretation), so i cant change the song structure.

Nomad's Land

very nice work so far, great use of synth drums. but as you say after 1:20 the track is somewhat destroyed. and then it gets great after 2:40. don't really know how to help you over this stretch, but i will tell you my super-secret trick... go and explore a bit more the multiple feature, you can make some "interesting" sounds if you use the right multiple value in conjunction with certain notes. for example, try Mult. 8 with A#2 or A#3, or Mult. 5 with G-4, G#4 or G-5. G/G# is usually a good guess.