yoyz2k wrote:

The number "2" on the right, let me think it is a software/hardware issue, maybe a bad flash or something.

This means that no valid saved data have been found on the cart, saved loops/songs have been wiped or damaged. You can proceed with B+START+SELECT, this will clear the memory and delete any data fragments that may still be on the cart. If you have no backup but really need these data, do not press START+SELECT and send me the cart instead, I may be able to extract some banks remaining in memory.

The 2.5 cart hardware, which is different from the other 2.x versions, is generally more prone to data loss.


Great smile my cart is not broken.
This cart, is a backup cart, so it is not valuable as data.
I have try START+SELECT and I have the sequencer running, but with no sound :<
I think, I have done a lot of other try and I have damaged the "sound", regenerating the wavetable with A+B+L+R... and stop which is bad...

So I will launch 2.7.9 stuff tomorow and I will see what is happening, I will let you know on this thread.
Thanks a lot Oliver, and if I you have a walkthrough to have a clean 2.7.9, just tell me on this thread.



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Note! wrote:
NoyzBotChip wrote:

when you updated, did you hold B and hit select+start? your update may not have committed.

Aha, that may be it. You just B+select+start at any time? Didn't realize I had to commit.


when it says "nanoloop" and you hit start or select, just hold b and hit both start and select. it'll commit and you're good.

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Updated successfully with the web-updater!
I was actually surprised at how smooth the whole process was. Keep up the good work Oliver!

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scannerboy wrote:

Quick question. Is there a way to tell the difference between the normal and detune mode on the S channel? Thanks


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Hey Oliver,

I had a problem with the update (that I just discovered today). The update seems to have removed banks 00 - 1F from my cart. Yes, I know I should have backed up first, but is there a way to get these files back at all? If I downgrade perhaps?