If you are also looking for retro demo/intro tunes, you might like some of these (use the YT link with the according timecode):

00h00m00s "Tune Nr. 2" - Klaus Grøngaard (Link)
00h01m32s "D.Y.S.P.I.D.C.E. (part 2)" - Sami Seppä (Rock)
00h02m33s "For Shining 8" - Markus Schneider (Diflex)
00h03m34s "The Magic Events" - Markus Schneider & Johann H. Stoete
00h05m21s "Spijkerhoek 3" - Falco Paul
00h11m32s "Strike Force Introtune" - Markus Schneider
00h15m07s "DMC Demo IV (Tune 2)" - Johannes Bjerregaard
00h18m11s "Unitrax '88 Killermix" - Henrik Buus Jensen
00h23m32s "Ahead Crack Intro" - Markus Schneider (Diflex)
00h32m19s "Think Twice IV" - Jeroen Kimmel (Red)
00h33m56s "Coco Intro" - Markus Müller
00h52m36s "Contest Demo (part 4)" - Sami Seppä (Rock)
01h02m17s "Sampler #1" - Jens-Christian Huus
01h17m15s "GCF-Intro" - Markus Müller (Superbrain)
01h18m16s "Ikari Intro" - Marcel Donné (Mad)
01h19m17s "Rocky Star (Intro)" - Kim Christensen (Future Freak)
01h22m55s "Hurling Frootmig" - Jörg & Frank Schäfers
01h32m10s "Jewels" - Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity)
01h36m56s "Beaty intro" - Jens-Christian Huus
01h43m34s "Contest Demo (part 2)" - Sami Seppä (Rock)
01h45m18s "PCW-Tune '88" - Edwin van Santen
02h03m48s "Think Twice III" - Jeroen Kimmel (Red)
02h20m34s "Give It a Try" - Charles Deenen
03h43m27s "Crazy Sample II (intro)" - Jeroen Kimmel (Red)
04h04m31s "Dexion Demo" - Kim Christensen (Future Freak)
04h08m28s "Crocket's Mix" - M. Claessens (The Dream Maker)
04h20m29s "The Cat" - Markus Müller (Hayes)
05h06m22s "CosMail (tune 02)" - Karl Sommer (MC Lord)
05h08m30s "Namnam Special" - Johannes Bjerregaard
05h10m39s "Hoppin'" - Jens-Christian Huus
05h37m15s "Another Tune for Joanna" - Neil Baldwin (Demon)
05h40m19s "Can't Stop" - Jens-Christian Huus
05h41m20s "Funky Stuff" - Jeroen Soede
05h43m11s "That's the Way It Is (intro)" - Charles Deenen
05h50m45s "Twistin'88 - Part 2" - Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity)
05h54m17s "Silence" - Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
05h57m06s "Take Over" - Klaus Grøngaard (Link)
06h05m27s "Dynamic Range" - Michael Hendriks
07h04m08s "A Little Sample" - Michael Hendriks
07h06m48s "Ikari Intro Song" - Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity)
07h11m24s "Layla Mix" - Edwin van Santen
07h25m28s "Ikari Intro" - Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity)
07h57m09s "Maximum Overdrive II (intro)" - Henrik Buus Jensen
08h01m40s "Rhaa Lovely II" - Jeroen Kimmel (Red)
08h43m51s "Cool Tune" - Charles Deenen
09h20m16s "TrailMix (intro)" - Jeroen Soede
09h32m24s "Double Density Commercial" - Markus Schneider
09h36m29s "Dutch Breeze: Flip the Flop" - Reyn Ouwehand
09h38m58s "Beastie Boys Intro Music" - Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity)
09h41m09s "Synth Sample III" - Rob Hubbard
09h41m54s "Rocky Star" - Kim Christensen (Future Freak)
09h45m55s "3545 II" - Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity)
09h49m33s "Cooperation Demo" - Kim Christensen (Future Freak)
09h53m24s "Something" - Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity)
09h54m56s "That's the Way It Is (main)" - Jeroen Tel
10h01m54s "Zoom" - Johannes Bjerregaard
10h02m40s "Shape" - Johannes Bjerregaard
10h04m35s "Crazy Sample II" - Jeroen Kimmel (Red)
10h08m17s "UniTechno" - Thomas Mogensen (DRAX)
10h16m54s "RWE Intro" - Charles Deenen
10h18m13s "Twistin'88 - Part 1" - Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity)
10h20m52s "Simple Music" - Jeroen & Michiel Soede
10h22m13s "Laxace" - Thomas E. Petersen (Laxity)
10h35m13s "The Magic Writer (tune 00)" - Jens Blidon
10h37m10s "Saxophone" - Wojciech Wojtkiewicz (Tracker)

Adelaide, South Australia

The dude who does the music in Censor Design demos is pretty amazing. I'd recommend checking him out.