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Re amplifier - would it connect directly to the 3 OUT and 4 OUT of the op-amp or does it need to be after the capacitor like the stereo jack?

Re line out - wouldn't the existing stereo jack and circuit work for line out or would I need a different jack and circuit?

yeah, just use the lone out jacks... wasnt sure if you were keeping them.

Id connect the amp right at the jack, after the caps.

Tks Charbot, I'll be waiting for a possible update of the schematic or list of components. Another thing, I translated the manual available at for English PDF, if you find it interesting, I can make it available to the forum.

Please do. Last time that i checked, all the links on the japanese site were no longer working.

btw, the parts on mine is exactly the same as on the japanese schematic.

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For what it's worth, the original Ishii downloads can be found at his old Googlesite.

From what I've seen, the pieces available at are not the same, right?
Another thing, how to make the PDF manual available that I translated?

see this... … sp=sharing

thanks a lot for this translation Ruizer!!

I added a Workaround for the Sysex Bug at the Github page. (
Let me know if this works.

cool.  will do. Ill try to check it out this weekend

Hey all, sorry about the delay. I've uploaded a preview video of my homemade Arduino YM2151 here (also has some chill background music); turn on captions if you have trouble hearing me, and keep in mind I mistakenly say "ampersand" when I clearly mean "exclamation point." I'll be uploading my sketch and Fritzing soon, just gotta finalize the wiring to fix any looseness.